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I really liked this game - well done! I think the story structure and the twists worked really well, and the artwork and animations were excellent!

If I had a suggestion, I would just want to advocate for being able to control the music audio level. I definitely enjoyed the music, but some of the violin during Act III was really loud in my ears.

I had a real blast with this game and can’t wait for more to come! All the comments around needing to pay attention are no joke at all - you’ve got to bring your “A” game when you play this to make sure to catch some of the small details you might normally miss. Great fun! Highly recommend!

A really great start! Two feedback items from me:

  1. My SNES controller wasn’t recognized. I even tried restarting the game - likely a Unity thing though

  2. No matter which direction I’m facing, when I attack, the avatar is always shooting straight up

oh awesome great to hear! Yeah it’s definitely a unique idea to keep going with!


A pretty unique idea. Good project to tackle over a 7DRL - I included it in a lets play -

A neat idea; got obliterated by wave 2 - they hit hard! I included it in a let’s play

Ahhh thanks for the comments on getting past the statues - I got stuck in my play through

A neat concept - I included it in a let’s play -

A neat idea! I did a let’s play of it -

great idea for a small game - had a bunch of fun with it, except for the million deaths…

I enjoyed this entry! Thanks a lot for participating and submitting. Had a really neat vibe bringing me back to Dune2 / Warcraft 2 and such.

And then the Boss just appeared and crushed me flat. :)

Definitely a neat idea. Keep building on it if you can.

Had a bit of fun with this while messing around. Nice work!

hehe yeah - watching it back, I could’ve found a better way to film your gameplay. Maybe tried to focus the video recording around the window of your game. Apologies for that.

Thank you for putting this together! What a fun entry! Made a playthrough of it here - - really enjoyed the music and artwork!!

Interesting idea, thanks for entering this! I made a playthrough of it here - - got myself stuck a few times, but definitely very creative. Nice work!

I had a great time with this entry, nice job! Made a playthrough of it here - - the sound effects were well done!

Really enjoyed this entry! Made a playthrough of it here - - Great artwork and animations for the battles. I think it was a good level of challenge - I just made bad choices for my cards in every one of my deaths. :)

I really enjoyed this one! Made a playthrough here - - unique and interesting entry for sure. Good job!


Thanks for the entry! Went through this one on a letsplay on my channel - - took me so long to figure out that I should be going into the crater holes. D’oh. Had fun with it!

This was a cute entry - thanks! Enjoyed it during a letsplay on my channel - - the head bobbing animation is pretty dope. Just needed some more mushrooms spawning in the lower levels, otherwise it was a good time!

MANTIS! Had some fun on this entry for sure in a letsplay on my channel -

I liked this entry, nice work! I went through it in a letsplay on my channel -

This one felt dope! Nice work. I included it in a 7DRL playthrough video here - - in some cases, it feels like a cross between bomberman and pacman. Nice! The visuals and sound were really great!

Luckily I was able to run the Windows binary without the source. Included it in one of my 7DRL playthroughs here - - an interesting way to tackle the roguelike genre.

Nice entry! I included it in one of my 7DRL playthroughs here - - had a good time until I was swarmed at the end. Is there more than one level? I wasn’t sure. I liked the talent choices and the visuals make a good first impression. nice work!

ahhh ok. Thanks a lot for clarifying!

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Nice work - had no problem running the game. Made a playthrough here - I think this is an interesting concept and twist on both genres. I’m glad it was turn-based!!

I felt like I should be able to “trap” enemies by bordering them off with my tail (similar to Qix), but just not-dying is reward enough :)

Thanks for creating an entry, hope you had fun!

I totally got crushed by this entry, but I did enjoy it! Made a playthrough here - - Solid artwork. I fully recognize that I’m quite terrible at these types of platform games, but I definitely appreciate the craft that goes into them. Great work by the whole team!

I liked it quite a bit! Made a playthrough here - - I ran out of time to play subsequent rounds (which sounds like only gave me half of an experience), so I’ll have to do a proper followup to try and beat Shooter. Nice golf feel though for sure.

fantastic! that’s great news!

phew - nice. The artwork is definitely great!

3 cheers for #DragonRuby! I went through this one in a playthrough here -

I thought the mechanic was really interesting of being able to flip between Rook and Knight.

I did experience a lot of difficulty trying to get the game to register my mouse clicks, but I’m wondering if it’s because I was playing the web version vs. the desktop.

Thanks for making an entry, and hope you had fun putting it together!

I went through this one multiple times in my playthrough here - - had a fun time but it took a LONG time for me to figure out the composition bar at the top. D’oh! My own total failure.

Perhaps the whole point of this entry is the single room, but I felt the mobs in the dream world were very OP: but perhaps that’s how dreams feel sometimes.

Very unique entry, and thanks for submitting it! Hope your team had fun with it!

Really enjoyed this entry - I made a playthrough here -

The layout and atmosphere of this is pretty interesting. It feels like the cruise version of the Marie Celeste - you wake up with everyone gone. Well done!

I don’t think I used the scent mechanic properly at all, so that’s my bad, but I thought just the concept of it was super interesting.

Well done and thanks for entering! Hope you had a lot of fun!

Had some fun with this one in my playthrough - - MEGA apologies for confusing the title though. My brain was looking at your URL, so I was referring to it as “Sorcerous Depths” instead of “Seeking Legends”. Very ambitious work though and enjoyed rolling my Paladin.

A few things which I wasn’t sure was a bug or not, but totally reasonable given the timeline. No crashes. Thanks for creating this entry!