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I enjoyed this entry! Thanks a lot for participating and submitting. Had a really neat vibe bringing me back to Dune2 / Warcraft 2 and such.

And then the Boss just appeared and crushed me flat. :)

Definitely a neat idea. Keep building on it if you can.

Had a bit of fun with this while messing around. Nice work!

hehe yeah - watching it back, I could’ve found a better way to film your gameplay. Maybe tried to focus the video recording around the window of your game. Apologies for that.

Thank you for putting this together! What a fun entry! Made a playthrough of it here - - really enjoyed the music and artwork!!

Interesting idea, thanks for entering this! I made a playthrough of it here - - got myself stuck a few times, but definitely very creative. Nice work!

I had a great time with this entry, nice job! Made a playthrough of it here - - the sound effects were well done!

Really enjoyed this entry! Made a playthrough of it here - - Great artwork and animations for the battles. I think it was a good level of challenge - I just made bad choices for my cards in every one of my deaths. :)

I really enjoyed this one! Made a playthrough here - - unique and interesting entry for sure. Good job!


Thanks for the entry! Went through this one on a letsplay on my channel - - took me so long to figure out that I should be going into the crater holes. D’oh. Had fun with it!

This was a cute entry - thanks! Enjoyed it during a letsplay on my channel - - the head bobbing animation is pretty dope. Just needed some more mushrooms spawning in the lower levels, otherwise it was a good time!

MANTIS! Had some fun on this entry for sure in a letsplay on my channel -

I liked this entry, nice work! I went through it in a letsplay on my channel -

This one felt dope! Nice work. I included it in a 7DRL playthrough video here - - in some cases, it feels like a cross between bomberman and pacman. Nice! The visuals and sound were really great!

Luckily I was able to run the Windows binary without the source. Included it in one of my 7DRL playthroughs here - - an interesting way to tackle the roguelike genre.

Nice entry! I included it in one of my 7DRL playthroughs here - - had a good time until I was swarmed at the end. Is there more than one level? I wasn’t sure. I liked the talent choices and the visuals make a good first impression. nice work!

Nice entry! I made it part of my 7DRL coverage on YT - - something more to do would be nice, but these visuals are a good start!

ahhh ok. Thanks a lot for clarifying!

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Nice work - had no problem running the game. Made a playthrough here - I think this is an interesting concept and twist on both genres. I’m glad it was turn-based!!

I felt like I should be able to “trap” enemies by bordering them off with my tail (similar to Qix), but just not-dying is reward enough :)

Thanks for creating an entry, hope you had fun!

I totally got crushed by this entry, but I did enjoy it! Made a playthrough here - - Solid artwork. I fully recognize that I’m quite terrible at these types of platform games, but I definitely appreciate the craft that goes into them. Great work by the whole team!

I liked it quite a bit! Made a playthrough here - - I ran out of time to play subsequent rounds (which sounds like only gave me half of an experience), so I’ll have to do a proper followup to try and beat Shooter. Nice golf feel though for sure.

fantastic! that’s great news!

phew - nice. The artwork is definitely great!

3 cheers for #DragonRuby! I went through this one in a playthrough here -

I thought the mechanic was really interesting of being able to flip between Rook and Knight.

I did experience a lot of difficulty trying to get the game to register my mouse clicks, but I’m wondering if it’s because I was playing the web version vs. the desktop.

Thanks for making an entry, and hope you had fun putting it together!

I went through this one multiple times in my playthrough here - - had a fun time but it took a LONG time for me to figure out the composition bar at the top. D’oh! My own total failure.

Perhaps the whole point of this entry is the single room, but I felt the mobs in the dream world were very OP: but perhaps that’s how dreams feel sometimes.

Very unique entry, and thanks for submitting it! Hope your team had fun with it!

Really enjoyed this entry - I made a playthrough here -

The layout and atmosphere of this is pretty interesting. It feels like the cruise version of the Marie Celeste - you wake up with everyone gone. Well done!

I don’t think I used the scent mechanic properly at all, so that’s my bad, but I thought just the concept of it was super interesting.

Well done and thanks for entering! Hope you had a lot of fun!

Had some fun with this one in my playthrough - - MEGA apologies for confusing the title though. My brain was looking at your URL, so I was referring to it as “Sorcerous Depths” instead of “Seeking Legends”. Very ambitious work though and enjoyed rolling my Paladin.

A few things which I wasn’t sure was a bug or not, but totally reasonable given the timeline. No crashes. Thanks for creating this entry!

nice - great to hear! And thanks for the pro-tips…yeah that makes a lot of sense

I liked this one a lot! Did a video playthrough here -

It felt quite polished for a 7DRL, so definite kudos to you. I really loved the XP bar once I spotted it. VERY cool idea.

Hope you had a good time putting this together, and thanks for participating!

This music is amazeballs - did a video playthrough here -

It’s definitely an original-roguelikey game. I didn’t make it too far, once the AI starts dodging you and staying out of range it’s all over.

Not complaining at all, I had fun! Thanks to the whole team for putting this together. A very good entry!

I did a playthrough here -

Nice work! I was almost deafened by the trumpets, but I still enjoyed this entry a lot. Hopefully you learned what you wanted from it.

Thanks for entering the competition!

I liked this one! Great entry - I did a playthrough here -

I’m still not entirely sure if the goal is to collect a specific number of those hot dog buns or if they’re a ranged weapon for you (nothing happened whenever I tried hitting B)

Great entry, and hope you had a lot of fun making it!

Did a video playthrough - - it took my brain a few turns to grok it, but I enjoyed the concept!

There was a kinda bad bug in that any tiles you play on the right hand side of the board (under the score labels) aren’t rotateable. Whatever, minor issue.

Hopefully you both take an interest in growing this one a bit!

of course I had to download yellow.png. Y'know?

fantastic experience of a game. Well done!

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made it to 9 - I liked this one! Some neat particle effects you got going there. No sound on Windows, but I tried out the web version to compare. It's DEFINITELY better to download it.

very nicely made!! same fear! #high5