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Good game.
only got ending A so far (the most obvious one).
cant find other ones as the only remaining path all require me to be able to use more than 1 boost when airborn.
which I cant find any upgrade for :-(

You should definitely be able to use a combination of all the upgrades (including slide) to get to the required areas! Can you post a screenshot of where you can't reach things?

the only upgrades are slide and boost, aren't they?

oh just realized after looking at the controls that grapple is a thing.
why would you make it a mouse only thing?
I also can really remember when I got it.
must have completely missed it.

now I'll just try the weird part, if I can do them now.

That's why the controls are rebindable! I prefer gamepad over everything :P

(1 edit)

okay, got a bunch of key cards. there's still areas left.
here's how my current map looks like and especially some kind of exit area that i cant enter:

so the most bottom area is obviously blocked (even though i havent been down there again so i dont know if the keycards I collected changed anything).
and the above mentioned exit area.

aside from that it's jsut one or 2 corner that I havent visited yet.

Edit: Oh and what I wanted to say since the very beginning:
what is really annoying is that when you are in midair and free, not pressing any direction, boost does a simple jump .
but when you are in the same situation but next to a wall, in most cases the jump just doesnt happen.
maybe a thing with collision detection?
cause it sucks to get jnext to a wall, just needing one simple airjump o get the needed height. and then boost fails and you fall to your death.


There's a room at your bottom right-ish that's missing a square to the top right. Go to that square, you should be able to continue. I think you're just missing one key card now.
And yeah, the boost collision is a little finicky around walls. Best I could do in a short gamejam timeframe :(

I don't blame you.
given that it was created during a gamejam it's a surprisingly big game :-)

just got ending B and finished the game.

was a really good game, enjoyed it! :-)


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.