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Friend recommended, made an account just to review it <3. -Spoilers ahead?>

I loved the direction of the plot. It didn't feel hurried but you get a lot in the first chapter and enough to leave you curious. That's good writing, IMHO. I can see in what general direction you're going with the mystery but I've never read a story in this environment. It's fresh.  One thing, I suppose this is a personal preference with the five senses, but I've noticed the Protagonist comments mostly on visual aspects (save for the coffee sampling). Which is usually fine but I remember all the hand grabbing after the dates and in my head I'm screaming "WHAT DO THEIR HANDS EVEN FEEL LIKE" (ex. Elsie's either feels super furry or like peach fuzz, Niko's feels like leather or scaly, idk). Even after the drinking games with the protagonist and loveinterest, I kept wondering how is what's happening bw them possible? Isn't he like half her size? Do they all share similar anatomical structures to humans? Although that's treading on R18 content. Which if you decided to sell as an extra separately, I would happily purchase.

There was a comment about ballet somewhere in there and I remember thinking "But idk what his feet look like".

What else... oh, would you possibly add more hairstyles in the future?

Thank you, beautiful work xoxo

Wow, thank you for making an account just to review our game!! And thank you for the really sweet and well thought-out comments!

I confess, I do struggle with properly describing things in my writing, that's totally on me. I'll try to keep an eye on it in the future, (and maybe crack open some of those writing books I have...) so thank you very much for pointing it out! 

I am confused about your comment on Nikolai's height, maybe it's some impression the writing or art gives that implies he is very small? But actually he is about 5'6"! Which, as he would tell you, is tall for an alkonost. XD

I'll definitely keep your comments in mind when we do more edits on this chapter and for future chapters!! 

Regarding hair styles: Currently there are no plans to change the character customizer, but that could change depending on future funding!! 

Thank you so much for playing and leaving this awesome comment!! <3

My bad, I misread. Was visualizing alkonosts as feathery dwarves :D.

And nah I don't see your writing as lacking or flawed. It's great. I was just thinking of what helped immerse me in previous books. Everyone's different though :)

Aww, that's nice of you to say! But if there is something I should be doing to improve my work, then I appreciate it being pointed out!! Immersion is a key aspect of good games-- and good storytelling, for that matter! 

Also omg tiny alkonosts.