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It absolutely is c:

Thank you so much for saying so!! Sometimes I look at the designs and stress over, "but are they monstrous enough?" and then the other dev has to set me back on track and tell me to stop worrying over stuff like that haha! Thank you so much for enjoying our work! Nikolai really is eye-catching; I also love looking at him, haha!

Thank you so much, your enthusiasm is infectious! *:・゚✧ ❤ Your favorite character design?? Aaa, thank you so much!! Who do you like most? ❤

Thank you so much! I hope that it will only get better and that you will love seeing it progress!

That's true! It's something we have considered, but unfortunately we don't have 3D models of our characters, which means somebody would first have to create the models. 

I'm glad you liked it so much! We'd really like to come back and expand on this and make it non-linear when we have the time to devote to it, so I hope you'll check back again in the future. ❤

Thank you so much for this sweet comment! I hope you will enjoy the future content; we are working hard on it! *:・゚✧❤

Thank you!! I hope you will enjoy the future content!!

I think I need a little more context on what you mean by 3D printing stuff from the game, but I'd love to hear what you're thinking! Can you tell me more? *:・゚✧

Aww, thank you so much!! With only two of us, it's hard for us to keep working on it outside our regular jobs (which are also in making videogames haha) and I'm really happy and grateful that you still enjoy the old content enough that it doesn't disappoint! I hope we can make a lot of great progress in 2021. ❤

You too! ❤ Thanks for being so understanding, and once again thanks for checking in! ✧

I'm so sorry we didn't notice this comment for 2 years! 😱 Thanks for playing the demo so many times, and for the compliments to the backgrounds! and Nikolai ❤

Great decision. I'll prepare! Thanks for loving all the characters so much. *^ᴗ^*

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You're very welcome, thank you for saying such nice things about it!
We'll do our best to prioritize our health and still make the game happen. ( •̀_•́)ง ✧

It is! Thanks for checking in on us so regularly. It means a lot to us that you keep coming back to ask ❤

Official skeleton love!! What a good match.
Thanks so much!! I'm really glad you like the story- and Deka ❤✧

I hope the response can answer your questions as well! If there are other things you are wondering, let me know. c:

Thanks so much for this really sweet comment, and for being there for us from the beginning, over such a long time.  That means a lot to us 😭

We'd really like to finish it soon but it's not very possible mostly because of the size, and because of the other factors you mentioned. We both have full time jobs and our financial situation has for a long while not been stable enough to handle much turbulence, so when things go wrong we end up losing all our time to fixing it. 

However, usually during that time there is still some work getting done on Monstrata even as we lose track of social media. In this case, we have the writing and new sprite ready for the next update, and it needs to be implemented with expressions and backgrounds. (We also need to make more backgrounds and silhouettes.) Usually that would be a couple of weeks of work, but it's unsure because of the training for a separate team member on implementation who we have brought on to  get the updates out faster in the future.

It should safely be within a month, and then crossed fingers that the next one could be within another 2 months.  We'd really like to keep up that rate if possible, but unfortunately it would still take six more months to finish chapter 2, and a year for each chapter after that. :(

Because of that, we resigned ourselves that finishing is not as urgent a goal as making regular updates and increasing their size and frequency over time.  Size, we have, as the next one is 13,000 words! Frequency, we are always working on- We're hoping the latest process changes (and a little life stabilization) will make a big difference.

I hope that info is helpful! Let me know if you have any more questions. c:

Wow I'm so glad you liked it so much!! And that Nikolai is so loved as well! About his being the best... I think he would agree with you. ;) ✧

Thank you!! We're changing how we do things so this update took a very long time, but it should be ready to be updated soon! We'll know when in the next couple of weeks. ✧

Thanks!! We'll work hard to finish it as fast as we can. ( •̀ _ •́ )ง ✧

I'm really glad you love it so much- Thanks for your support! 💕

Thank you for posting this! 💞

Sorry for the long delay in response! We really appreciate that you checked in on us. ❤

I hope you found useful info on the patreon, as of today there is a new public post (that will also be posted to the devlog here): To sum it here, we are ok and still working on content for the game! We also made some changes to how we do things so that there shouldn't be such long pauses anymore. c:

Thanks so much! We're excited to show you. ❤♪

Would you mind emailing your log.txt file to us? You should be able to find it directly in the game folder. Let us know if you have trouble finding it. 

Email to:

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Could you grab a screenshot of the in-game About page, to make sure you're on the correct version number? Should look like this.

Ahh, thank you!! That picture shows what you get when you download the Glasses DLC -- glasses for everyone!! I feel like it's really cute that everyone has their own taste in the kind of glasses they wear. It really gives a feeling for each of their characters!! I hope someday I'll see fans draw pictures of the glasses versions...!!! 

Thank you so much for your support and cute comment!! 💕✨🌠

Hello! Thank you so much for your support and your sweet comment!! Sorry about the delay, we're often a bit behind the update schedule we'd really like to adhere to. But we are absolutely not discontinuing the project! That's not something we even think about doing. Monstrata is the most important thing in our lives and we're determined to complete it!

Thank you so much, we really appreciate it. 💕💕

Hello Sandpixie, thanks for checking in on us!! We've been working hard to get the update wrapped and I'll have some exciting progress updates up on Patreon in the next few days!! If I remember correctly, I believe I have about 5000 words of the update written now, it just needs a few more scenes and then to get implemented into the game. Thank you for your patience and support!! 💕

Thank you so much for your support!!✨💕

Hi Erecarter! Are you still having this issue? Can you tell me a bit more about what happens when you play through Cailean's route and get to chapter 2? Thank you for bringing this up! I hope we can help you out!!

Thanks for playing and commenting!! 💕 We'd definitely like to add some little animations like this to the character sprites at some point in the future. Cailean's tail might be a little lower priority because it's often hidden behind the text box or offscreen, but we're definitely considering it!! Other animations we'd like to do include movement for Cailean's ears and Nikolai's face feathers, and additional poses for characters that don't have a lot of potential for casual motion, such as Deka and Vivietta. 

I don't think we'll be able to put it in the game, but you could write that scene idea in a fanfic!! I would love to read it, it sounds very cute! (You can also check out what other people have written here!!) ✨ Thank you so much!! 

Please enjoy having many phone calls with your mother, haha! We hope you like the game!! Thank you for commenting!! <3

That's okay! You can contribute by telling your friends about it, too!

Thank you so much for your support!! We'll do our best!! <3

Wow, I'm living for all these theories!! Obviously I can't answer any of them yes or no, but I love hearing about them!! 

Thank you so much for playing and for sharing your thoughts, they're so great!! <3 

Yes, if you're using the itch desktop app and one of the supported builds of Monstrata, then itch will download any updates automatically. c: (There are a few older builds that it will not do this for, which have been removed from the page.) 

As I understand it, this is because we update the game through's assistant, butler, rather than by adding completely new builds to the page. That may be why it updates automatically for Monstrata, but may not do the same for other games where the developers have chosen not to do that. 

Thank you for playing!! Let us know if you have more questions!!

I'm passing this on to the programming half of the team. We've seen this issue reported at least once before but since we don't have a Mac to test on, we haven't been able to address it. I'm so sorry about the trouble. D: I'll ask her if there's a way we can patch it for you.

Thank you for your support!!!

Hello!! Thank you for supporting us!! <3

I don't believe that can be counted as a mistake in the dialogue. Telling someone to "get lost" would be a way of rudely telling them to go away, it's true. But in this context, the MC is saying that they were on the way to class and didn't lose the way there. It would be like if someone asked you, "Did you get lost?" and you could respond, "No, I didn't get lost." and none of that exchange would be considered an insult. (Unless, of course, the other person is slighting your navigation skills--!!)

Thank you so much for playing!! Maybe soon you can have a real conversation with Dad... c:

<3 <3 <3