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Thank you so much!!! It absolutely is still being worked on, don't worry!! <3 Wow, Deka fans are so rare, thank you so much for commenting and being so lovely!!!! <3 <3 <3

Awww, thank you for dropping by, Mo! <3 You know we appreciate it. c: Thank you for being a great member of the community. <3

Thank you so much!! We hope to have another update out soon!! Thank you for playing and leaving us a sweet comment!! <3

Thank you!! I'm sure the kelpie dude likes you too. c: <3

Ahhh thank you! We hope to have another update out soon!! Thank you so much for playing and leaving us such nice words. <3 <3 <3

Aha, your comment makes me curious about what you found relieving in the customization options.I'm really glad that it was a positive experience! <3 Also I'm really delighted that you played through all the routes and enjoyed seeing things from different points of view in the game!! It's something we put a lot of effort into and I'm glad it's fun for people!! <3 Thank you so much for playing and leaving us your kind words!! <3 <3 <3

Thank you! We're working on the next update and hope to have it released soon!

Nikolai is so fun, he's one of my favorites too. c: I'm glad you like him so much!! Thank you for playing and leaving us a lovely comment!!

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Thank you so much!! I'm glad that being able to have control over the character's pronouns means so much to you. <3 And thank you also for your lovely comments on the art and world building!! We really appreciate it and hope you continue to look forward to the future updates! <3

Thank you so much, this is such a sweet comment!! I'm impressed that they can all be your favorites, wow!! Thank you for playing and supporting us!! <3

Thank you for participating in Maximum Monster Month 2! Sorry some of the themes of the game weren't to your taste - they are listed in the 'Content Warnings' section of the game, but I realize the page is long and they may have been missed. Regardless, thank you for playing!! I'm glad you enjoyed Elsie and Deka so much!! <3

Thank you so much for your words of praise!! They're lovely and they mean so much to us. <3 I'm so glad, also, that you personally appreciated the options for gender expression. People like you are the reason we include that in our games, so you don't have to make compromises when you play them. So thank you for mentioning it. <3

As for the game!! We'll be adding an update next week to celebrate the one year anniversary of the game's initial release!! So you won't have much longer to wait for that, and I hope you'll look forward to it and enjoy it when it comes out!! Thank you so much for your support!

Thank you for playing and for making a video!! I hope you enjoyed talking to Elsie. <3 The customizer is limited to make development faster, but maybe with more funding, we could add a couple more options later. c: 

Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you like Cailean so much!! <3 I don't know when the full version will be complete, but we will keep updating with new content as we complete it, so check back again in the future!! Thank you for playing and commenting! <3

As in, entirely completed? We're not sure. Hopefully within another year? In the meantime, we're just adding updates to the content as we complete it, so check back again in the future!! Thank you for playing and leaving us a comment!! <3

Thank you!! Sorry to disappoint you with an unfinished game, but we'll hopefully update again soon!! Maybe some day, Nikolai's friend can get a sprite too, haha. Thank you for playing, and I hope you will enjoy the next installment too. <3

Yes, you're right!! Elsie's color scheme is more of a green/white, but you were pretty close! (Maybe it's not clear enough oops haha) Her sweater does look very cozy <3 Thank you very much for playing and leaving us a nice comment!!

As for whether you can date the necromancer... well, that would be spoilers, wouldn't it? ^^

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Ahhh thank you for playing it!! I'm glad you liked the characters!! <3

Thank you for the compliment!! <3

I believe the images you're talking about are CGs? We are planning to put CGs into the game later!! It's just not as high on the priority list as we wrap up getting sprites for the major characters.

Animating movements of the whole body is a nice stretch goal, but it's a LOT of extra work! So while it's something we would ideally like to do also, it's definitely on the "Things we'd like to do if we get a lot of Patreon/KS funding" list, haha. Same for making full sprites for the background characters. c:

As for more people on the team: It's true we are only a two person team right now. But we are comfortable with the team dynamic we have now! We might commission outside sources for assets at some point, such as music, and maybe someday we will want a larger team for our works, But at the moment, this is what works for us.

Thank you for all your lovely suggestions. c: I appreciate you taking the time to think about how we can improve our game and I welcome more ideas! Thank you for playing and leaving us a nice comment! <3

Wow thank you so much!! I'm glad you appreciate the pronoun options <3 They're not hard to implement, and we feel like they're worth it for the people that need them. c: I'm glad it made the game a better experience for you. <3

Ahahaha, well thank you very much!!! <3

Thank you so much for sharing your let's play with us!! We're so pleased you enjoyed it, and if you end up making a second video for this game, let us know!! <3

It's okay, you can always try again!!! 
Thank you so much for playing another one of our games. <3 We love watching you!!!

Ahh, I hope you'll like it!! Any of those versions should work just fine, but if you don't want to decide, we recommend this one:

Let us know how it goes!! <3

Did you end up playing it? c:

Thank you for asking!! Since Elsie is a recent addition, her section of the game is a little bit linear right now. To access the other characters in the game, when you're in the classroom and it gives you the option to look at the "rabbit girl" or to look at the "seaweed boy", choose the "seaweed boy". This will set you on the path to meeting everyone else who is currently in the game. Sorry about the confusion!!

Thank you!! We'll be adding a few more girls soon!!

I'm really glad you like them!! They're both very sweet. c: Look forward to the next update and thank you for playing and commenting!! <3

Awww, thank you! <3 We have more of them in store, I hope you'll love the future ones too!! Thank you for playing and commenting!! <3

I'm sure he appreciates your kindness!! <3 Don't worry, he's quite popular in our Discord server. <3 Thank you so much for playing and commenting!!

I'm sure they appreciate you trying so hard to save them all. :c </3 Thank you very much for playing, I hope you enjoyed it regardless. c:

Thank you so much for reporting this! This is the other developer. If you could, do you think you could make it crash again, then go to / and send us the log.txt? It would really help me replicate your issue, and hopefully fix it asap!

- vale

Oh, hello then!! c: Did you enjoy the game? c:

What's up? c: Questions about the game we can help you with?

Oh dear! I'll ask the lead developer to look into this. Does it give you any information when it crashes?

I'm really glad you enjoyed it despite the crashing! So sorry about this!!

Thank you for downloading and playing again! I hope the changes to Nikolai's route were fun for you. <3 Thank you so much for your comment!!

Ahhh, thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying the game so far! I'm really glad that the clear social stratification is coming through also. c: I hope that Nikolai's development will be satisfying for you!

Also there is a new update, if you haven't had the chance to check it out!

Thank you for the lovely comment! <3

Thank you! I may not always answer in a timely fashion, but I do try to answer eventually! We really like connecting with the people who play our game. <3

 A good question! Nikolai is an alkonost, a creature from Russian mythology very similar to a sirin!! He is not designed after a particular bird, his design is purely the whim of the artist. I hope that answers your questions!

Ahhh, Nikolai is my favorite too!! There's no new content yet, but I'll put together a status update soon so everyone will know where we are currently! Thank you for checking in!! <3

That's sweet of you, thank you!! As I mentioned in the other comment, things slowed down for some real-life reasons for a bit, but we'll be back on track with an update soon! I'll try to write up a devlog to state our current progress soon. Thank you for checking in!! <3