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High score: 0. I'm terrible at this game -- it's more difficult than I usually like -- but I think the concept is really interesting. I wish it was easier at the start so I could get farther into the game to experiment more with different spell wheel configurations. Animation and graphics are really great.

Hover tips on each spell power would be a great thing to add; I found myself constantly referencing the list down below and trying to interpret the icons (dagger = damage I assume?).

Thanks for the feedback! I will try to incorporate some of that if I put out an update. As always, it's super hard to balance these things. I was actually considering making it much harder because I find it way too easy as the developer. A few tips:

  • Use your bump attack when monsters have 1 health left. Otherwise try to use spells from as far away as possible
  • Confuse/sleep might let you get free hits. Poison and fire will do damage over time, so it's best to kite monsters with it
  • You can rotate to pass a turn if you need to
  • The safest thing to do is run for the exit. Avoid picking new powers if you're in a weak position because they spawn monsters. Monsters also spawn if you stay for long enough.
  • Since the recharge icon (blue @) recharges all spokes, it's best to exhaust your spell wheel before picking them up