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After playing your other game "Lust Doll" which I greatly enjoy, looking for more but this felt like a downgraded version :(

Not fan of the blue/brown/sorrow themed color pallet.. not sure if it's planet specific theme or the theme of the game. I guess it's supposed to be a sorrow themed game by looking at the game's name. I might get used to it.

Besides that, few minor things that I didn't really liked was how big/masculine main character is compared to his/her friends (and Lust Doll's main character) and how there is no option for brown/dark skin. Yes.. basically  I'm slightly complaining abt unable to make a "petite, dark skin trap".  But that's my personal minor problem... I guess.

Other than that... I hope you keep developing this, Lust Brave and Lust Doll. Really enjoying it. I have also subscribed to your Patreon Tier for support.

Thanks, gotcha. It's def more moody than LD, which makes it a lot different. Thanks for supporting! For now, I've got a new project I'm working on called Elf Jail, as well as a full remake of LD.

:O im excited for your future works!! i loved lust doll, and im excited to try this one out too <3