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A member registered Nov 10, 2018

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the game just updated for patreon backers yesterday, so next month everyone else will get it!

also I'm replaying lust doll while I wait, and I was just wondering if the highwayman doesnt have sex with you in this one? Also my fav loss is when you lose to the highwayman for the first time, cause it shows losing your virginity. Will there be more scenes like that in lust doll +?

thanks bb <3  if i had money to spare it'd be going to you :)

just finished playing up to where you are!!! it looks so good so far, how the expressions change on characters, and omg im so excited for the male npcs!!! no rush cause i would wait forever for you, but when do you think the next update will be? <333333

also indivi i would die for you

hell yeah update hell yeaaaaaa i've been playing this game for awhile now!!!! v excited to replay and see how the update is!!!

oof i looooooved lust doll, it was a really well thought out game, so im very excited to see where you go with this one. Is it still on hiatus? 

:O im excited for your future works!! i loved lust doll, and im excited to try this one out too <3

Yes thank you!!!

how do I do the first quest? Is there a specific treasure I have to dig up also is it in the witching woods cause it just says forest :(