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Thank you Indivi for making awesome story rpg games. Especially trying to meet up everyone demand is hard! Kudos for that.

I have one problem with Android version, it doesnt get installed, even after "allowing unknown apk installation" in my settings of my phone (Galaxy Note 8)

How error page looks like:

After playing your other game "Lust Doll" which I greatly enjoy, looking for more but this felt like a downgraded version :(

Not fan of the blue/brown/sorrow themed color pallet.. not sure if it's planet specific theme or the theme of the game. I guess it's supposed to be a sorrow themed game by looking at the game's name. I might get used to it.

Besides that, few minor things that I didn't really liked was how big/masculine main character is compared to his/her friends (and Lust Doll's main character) and how there is no option for brown/dark skin. Yes.. basically  I'm slightly complaining abt unable to make a "petite, dark skin trap".  But that's my personal minor problem... I guess.

Other than that... I hope you keep developing this, Lust Brave and Lust Doll. Really enjoying it. I have also subscribed to your Patreon Tier for support.

I'm greatly enjoying Lust Doll, it's imo the perfect game to play on my Galaxy Note 8... I'm now using my Laptop for it, but it is too noisy and apparently the game lags too on my poor Windows device.

I understand the its getting ported to new MV engine, and I did some Google and it looks like MV does have Android support... would be really great if Lust Doll gets revamped for some Android support (portrait mode).