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Hi there! I've been following this project since a while now and the game is great so far. I'm into monster girls since the MGQ saga, and I'm really enjoying the story of Quest Failed. Nice and smooth writing with the right amount of detail, and a hooking plot, even when at the start there seemed to be little more than a couple of "innocent" encounters with monster girls. The art is also great, sprites and CGs alike, and the music gives always the right atmosphere. The voice acting, when it comes into scene, makes it quite appealing, too. All in all, an exquisite piece of art so far.

I'm a writer and an amateur VN creator myself, and I also translated a few games between various languages. I'm wondering now if you would like to see your game translated into Spanish, I definitely would! I know it's maybe a bit too soon for something like this, because your script will surely go through some changes along the way, but if you like the idea, I'd be willing to take the task, because this game definitely deserves to be enjoyed also by a great amount of non-English speakers out there. Perhaps the demo itself, if it's more or less in its final version, could be translated for starters, leaving the rest of the game for later stages. Of course, this is all entirely up to you as the author to decide, but it would be a pleasure for me without a doubt. Needless to say, it would also be a voluntary task, no money involved.

Hope things will keep going well, probably even better because the game is really promising and the growing support is proof of it. See you!

Hiya there,

Thanks for the support and kind words on the project, it really means a lot to me! I do apologise, as I meant to respond to your email but the impending launch on other sites kept grabbing my attention way.

Translations into other languages is something I might heavily consider in the future once all of the chapters of the game are complete, but right now chapters undergo frequent, large updates to the script with multiple additions and features being added, meaning that having a translated branch of the chapter could potentially splinter development where one branch has far more content than the other, which is something I would like to avoid happening.

However, I appreciate the enthusiasm and passion for wanting to contribute to the project, and will definitely keep you in mind when the time comes!


All right! No problems, I have a pretty good idea of how this works and that's to be expected. The wisest way of doing things is just as you say. So, let's be patient, keep up the good work and send Matty to his destiny with all your might! For when the time comes, I'll always be roaming here, so contact me whenever you like.

Good luck and see you!