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Oh, that's good news! I'll be looking forward to it.



Currently, there’s still no estimated date for that release. Also, I’m not sure whether you mean you understand some Spanish and hence you can personally handle the corresponding version of the game. Maybe, if you know some way to obtain an automated translation in-game, by all means let us know, since it could come in handy for many people while proper translation is in progress. Or maybe you are volunteering to translate some of the script? Of course, you’d be welcome, just reach out to me.


Ras Alaghe

It is, though I’m not focused in the English version at the moment. Currently, I’m writing the first endings of the Spanish script (in the Naho/Yabuki branch). As the climax of these storylines, it’s quite a sizable and demanding work, so it will still take a while. Not to mention that I also have my second game, “Monster Girls: the Advent”, to take care of.

It’s a very busy period right now, so I still can’t estimate a precise timeline. But eventually, of course, I will keep on with the English counterpart of the script of “And now, time to study”.

We’ll keep in touch!

Hiya, how are things going? Glad to hear from you again.

What’s available so far in the game is indeed food for thought, and some interesting ideas like yours can arise. I like your definition of Dave as an unlikely hero; it strikes me as a pretty accurate one, and things are certainly starting to point in such a direction. Whether that will take the form of a Monster Girl army of sorts under his leadership, ready to fight in some open battle… well, that’s still unclear. We’ll have to wait and see; and not only because of Dave’s prejudice. Many factors are bound to come into play here, and most of them will be rather subtle. Maybe that’s the direction we’re heading into, maybe not so much… but I can’t deny that your vision is an amusing and plausible idea.

Spider Girls, as I recall them from Monster Girl Quest (my main source of inspiration), are indeed fearsome beings, first and foremost. But as seen in other media, like certain anime with Monmusu themes, they can be managed like somewhat tamable creatures that become more or less fond of the MC, just as other Monster Girls (and admittedly, I don’t dislike those scenarios at all). Originally, I didn’t have in mind any Arachne becoming close to Dave in such a sense, since my idea was closer to the one depicted in MGQ. But as the script is in the process of being written, and like I often say, there’s always room for new and interesting developments in the plot.

Although it’s in no way an easy task to gather Monster Girls around a human being, even less making them work together as a team towards a goal higher than “feeding and reproduce”, Dave is certainly managing to achieve something, at least, very vaguely related… and he’s not even fully aware of it yet. A group of Monster Girls can easily and rapidly destabilize, because, as you say, they have a fundamental weakness: their instincts. And it’s difficult enough doing so with a few Monster Girls… but, why not, someone with an unsuspected charisma like Dave could end up achieving something of the sort, in the short or long run. Maybe, he’s not even the first one in this world to succeed in such an endeavor…

Currently, I’m quite busy writing the first endings of the Spanish version of “And now, time to study”, so I’m afraid I have to say that the development of “Monster Girls: the Advent” is halted as of now. Version 0.5 has been out in Spanish for some time, and it certainly could answer at least some of your questions, but I’m still not ready to do its English translation. Eventually, it will be done, of course; but we’ll have to be patient. I’m a solo dev and things are bound to move little by little; but I enjoy this very much as a hobby, and I’m always pleased to talk with people like you, exchanging feelings and inspiring ideas about my stories.


Thanks again for your insights.

True, the entropy issue is yet another example that very few things in the world, or the universe for that matter, are just black or white. Certainly, the balance in every system always results in the end in an increase of entropy, and life doesn't counter that. It's good to be aware of all this information, even when, of course, a game generally doesn't need to deepen more than necessary in these issues, and most players themselves won't even feel the need to. Likewise, it's unlikely that a group of physics scholars will gather around a visual novel to discuss in depth this or other issues. If that ever happens, I'll gladly join a debate with them. But I think we agree this is not the point here.

Thanks as well for your contribution in the gloves and corrosive chemicals issue. The idea is pretty much what you mention, and delving into this makes necessary to warn people that this can be dangerous to test in real life, as you emphasized.


Your thoughts are interesting, perspicacious, and show just how involved you are with the story, so as a writer I couldn't be more glad. Players having a fun and deep experience is the ultimate goal here, after all.

Alba, indeed, is a good example of how much I always intend to develop characters in a story... even when said characters aren't humans, and even when the background is supposed to be that of an H-game. I must admit that I myself am incredibly fond of Alba since the very beginning, as the first Monster Girl character I ever created, and I enjoyed especially writing her events in the first two Chapters. Inspiring the sympathy of players towards Monster Girls is the first and necessary ingredient in order to explore every interaction and development that will come in the future. I'm hoping this to be an exciting, challenging and, at times, endearing experience.

Exploring the limits of humanity is clearly one of the most exciting endeavors I want to carry out in "Monster Girls: the Advent", and I'm having a great time writing about this and other themes, that will also be present in the story. True enough, if Monster Girls are in principle dangerous creatures, humans don't fall short at all, and as a big community, they can even pose a greater threat in some key departments. This idea will show itself over time, little by little... but manifestly enough.

That's correct: "And now, time to study" is my other game; in fact, I started writing it before MGTA. The setting is obviously different, but it contains quite some other interesting ideas to explore as well, in a seemingly usual school-themed visual novel.

Have a nice time playing, and I'll be here for any other comment whenever.


Hi again!

I'm really grateful for your dedicated and invaluable help in this regard, as well as the rest of your comments. A deep enough research job in etymology and historical matters, that I'm sure will come in handy not just now, but in later stages of the game as well. I'll make sure to delve into it as the story progresses, particularly when the time comes to translate other finished chapters into English.

I think I'll come to agree with you regarding the word "physician". Since, as you point out, it doesn't seem out of place in the medieval age, all my doubts are cleared. "Physicist" will become "physician" in the script, and this way, English speakers won't be confused either.

For what you say, "baptism" won't have such an easy solution. Either way, I don't feel (or I don't want to think) that it will offend players if that's what you meant; after all, people who download these games know fully well what to expect from them. Not something to be careless about, anyway, and I certainly try to always be on guard with things that could result in potential offenses in some cases. All that said, "baptism" is still the closest I can come up with to refer, once more as you point out, to the circumstances being depicted when the Nekomata joins the group, and the tone of this moment in the story.

I am also happy to read people's thoughts on the game experience itself, more so when they are elaborate and insightful like yours.

I understand why you could see Dave as the classic clod MC, and in a sense, I'm not intending to move too far away from that perception, seeing as this is, in the end, an H game (even if I'm not planning to make it too nukige; very much the opposite in fact, when the story advances further). As a side effect, and taking into account Dave's temper, I also see how a number of players will see him as nothing short of an insensitive asshole. But this is precisely Dave's nature, and I'm hoping to convey, as the story moves forward, that he's in fact far from being a dick character. This development will be indeed one of the guiding threads of the story as a whole. And, of course, players developing a degree of sympathy for the cast of Monster Girls is yet another element in this game.

As you correctly state, Dave is, no more no less, a pioneer who wants to push forward out of the age and world he happened to be born in. Most of his demeanor and apparently insensitive attitudes stem actually from his deeply and, sometimes, exaggeratedly cautious and circumspect nature. He lives in a world with Monster Girls, which, like it or not, are potentially dangerous beings; and Dave knows this full well, even when, at the same time, he doesn't know much else about these creatures. And these knowledge gaps are precisely what make Dave so distrustful, and keep him from being a bit more empathetic with the "special" companions whom, one way or the other, are starting to gather around him.

Dave knows as well something important: no matter what it seems, Monster Girls are not human beings... something that some people in the game's world seem to be blissfully unaware of. (Note that you yourself used the word "woman" to refer to the Slime Girl, and this is just one of the main aspects I'm playing with and exploring in this narration. In the same line, what a Monster Girl considers "benefit" or "risk" to herself may very well not fit with human standards at all). And since Monster Girls are not human beings per se, you can't take for granted normal or even "safe" reactions when dealing with them. This is true and reasonable enough, and Dave knows it very well. But, how far can he really take his apprehension and his distrust? Can he take it at face value at all times? Where's the frontier between being cautious and being obsessive? That's set to be one of Dave's main dilemmas. And, maybe, just maybe, he'll end up finding out that Monster Girls can have more human traits than he thinks... and, what would be even more surprising: maybe they can have positive traits never found in humans...

That's the gist of it, and even when I enjoy it, I don't really want to keep talking and end up spoiling things. As one would expect, I'm keeping to myself some key details that, sooner or later, will come to shed light on the big picture. Anyway, part of that epiphany for Dave may not be too far off... Chapter 5 will be the starting point in that regard. But just that, the starting point...

As I said, I'm busy with my other game as of now, so yes, we'll have to be patient... but I hope to keep moving forward the English version of "Monster Girls: the Advent" as well.

Thanks a lot for your help and words of encouragement, it really makes my day!

See you around!

Hi! Thank you very much for taking the time to comment on all this. It's much appreciated feedback, especially since English is not my first language.

The physicist-physician thing was not intended as a pun, and it's certainly a controversial duo I was struggling with at the time. You're right that, in a strict sense, "physician" should be the choice to refer to the medical profession. Despite this, I found elsewhere that "medical physicist" can be used sometimes in the context I intended, and I thought hard about the term I should use here. The thing is, during our world's medieval age (the analogous setting of the game's world), people who practiced medical treatments were not called "doctors" per se, and in Spanish at least, I ascertained that a word commonly used then was "físico". I don't know whether this comparison would be also valid in English, and my hesitation stemmed mainly from this; but in the end I decided to use the term "physicist" as a means to mimic, in the game's world, this not-so-usual name to refer to someone carrying out medical-like tasks (versus "physician", which in our world and nowadays would be the unquestionable choice). I'm still not sure whether my choice was appropriate, and I could very well change it in further versions of the game, especially after your assessment.

About the "agape" word, I think you're totally right and there's barely room for discussion here. Maybe it can be a valid term per se in the context I used it, but certainly, most English speaking audience could misunderstand or miss its meaning. Indeed, I'm glad to know that some players can learn new things from my narrations, but in this case it's not so necessary to force the cultural thing; so I will probably change it to something more common, like perhaps "banquet".

Again, thank you very much for pointing all this out, for your interest and your obvious commitment in sharing this information with me, I really appreciate it! You're absolutely welcome to comment whatever else you consider, and of course, I hope you have a great time replaying my game.


(1 edit)

Thank you very much! And well seen! It's indeed a curious and funny detail. I tend to be very scrupulous about these myself, and pondered about this very one as I was writing. But in the end I decided to give free rein to the narrative without worrying too much, because in these cases flexibility is always preferable. Nevertheless, in my story, there are other aspects with which I'll need to be stricter.

Anyway, and certainly, a scientist in the midst of a fantasy world could afford to invent units of measurement of the SI of another world. And even if Dave and his scientific ways were not there, the key is that we're in a fantastic world, where everything is possible. I mean, just to cite an example, what reason is there for these people to speak English, when in that world there is not and hasn't ever been a country named England, Anglo-Saxon culture, or anything of the sort? That's precisely why I love to tell stories in an isekai, because there, you have the freedom to introduce the elements you want almost by definition!

Hope you've enjoyed what's available. Right now I'm busy with my other game, but sooner or later I'll resume writing chapter 6 of Monster Girls: the Advent (in Spanish), and the translation of chapter 5.

See you around!

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? Gracias por tu mensaje. Espero que disfrutases de lo que hay disponible del juego hasta ahora.

Por supuesto, tengo toda la intención de continuar escribiendo la versión en español de "Chicas Monstruo: el Advenimiento", que de hecho, es la más avanzada (al contrario de lo que suele suceder con la inmensa mayoría de juegos indie comerciales, donde el inglés, desde luego, es el idioma preferente). Mis motivaciones en los dos proyectos que aquí estoy compartiendo tienen muy poco o nada que ver con los fines comerciales, razón por la cual se da esta preferencia de idiomas, así como otros aspectos y señas de identidad, que no vienen al caso.

Y en efecto, tengo asimismo la intención y, más aún, la motivación de terminar la historia. Puedo decirte, de hecho, que el esqueleto de la misma está montado desde hace tiempo, así como el plan de ruta, y tengo una idea bastante clara de la forma que tomará el desenlace del juego. Lo que no es impedimento para que, a lo largo del camino, pueda haber lugar para modificaciones interesantes sobre la marcha, algo que constituye una parte de la misma magia de la creación y su asociado gozo.

Otra cosa es el tiempo que llevará alcanzar esa conclusión del juego... y así como soy totalmente sincero en los párrafos anteriores, debo serlo también en esto: terminar el proyecto va a llevar años. Como mínimo. Debido, primero, a que soy un desarrollador individual; segundo, a que tengo dos proyectos en marcha de forma simultánea; y tercero, y más importante, a que estos proyectos son hobbies gratuitos que se nutren de ilusión, paciencia y esmero en cada detalle, en lugar de someterse a "deadlines" asociados a la industria y el márketing más fríos. Si obedeciese a esas tendencias, seguramente no tendríais ni por asomo un producto de la calidad que tenéis ahora en las manos.

Sé que a muchos jugadores les preocupa o incomoda que tantos juegos indie tarden una eternidad en completarse, y la mayoría de estos, ni siquiera lleguen a eso y queden simplemente abandonados y olvidados. Ojalá pudiese decir otra cosa, pero no puedo engañaros. Ese gozo al que me he referido, y no el dinero o los fines comerciales, es el auténtico motor de mis juegos en particular; y ello conlleva la necesidad de ser muy pacientes, e ir descubriendo poco a poco, capítulo a capítulo, los secretos que mis juegos tienen reservados. De hecho, es así como aconsejo que lo valoréis, en lugar de pensar en plazos para ver la conclusión del juego "al final del túnel".

En todo caso, puedo asegurar una cosa: mis juegos nunca van a ser abandonados, u olvidados.

Entre otros motivos, porque son también una manera de compartir mis aficiones y el placer a ellas asociadas con otros fans del género. Porque eso soy a la postre: un fan más, como todos vosotros.

Actualmente estoy dedicado a completar una de las líneas argumentales de mi otro juego, "Y ahora, a estudiar". Y en este, como en "Chicas Monstruo: el Advenimiento", voy a seguir volcando toda mi ilusión y esmero, paso a paso, para que podáis disfrutar en toda su extensión de mi visión de lo que una novela visual ha de ser, y jamás debería dejar de ser.

Por supuesto, siempre son bienvenidos comentarios y sugerencias, porque con el intercambio entre fans es como mejor construimos las obras que son motivo de nuestro mayor disfrute.

¡Un saludo y nos vemos!

Ras Alaghe

Hi! I'm glad you liked my game. It's indeed in development, though it's a rather slow one. Right now I'm working on the Spanish version, as well as my other game, so it'll take a while before the English version of "And now, time to study" goes forward. Pretty much what it entails to be a solo developer, I'm afraid...

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the game thus far, and thank you very much for your words. Feel free to comment whatever anytime.

I'll keep at it. See you around!

Hi! How are you? Of course, I always make sure to read people's comments here, and yours is no exception! Moreover, I really appreciate words like yours, and they always make my day!

I'm truly glad to know you enjoyed what is available of my game so far, and certainly, I am right now working to bring Chapter 4 of "Monster Girls: the Advent" to all the English speaking audience. It's still going to take a while, but we're on the way!

Meanwhile, feel free to contact me anytime for suggestions, comments or simply to share interests or a relaxed chat.

See you around!

Hi! It's nice to greet you again. Don't worry, I hope your computer can get fixed sooner than later.

As for the next version of the game, I'm right now working on the Spanish one, which will take a bit long because I'm writing one of the endings of the story at last (and this will include a lot of different events, an unprecedented amount so far). I can't make an accurate estimate, but this is still months away at the least... as is the English version, which could possibly arrive sooner depending on how much time I take translating chapter 4 of my other game, "Monster Girls: the Advent" (the other task that occupies me now).

Also, I'm not in a special need to reach out to more VN players, and in fact I've never been, as this activity is, in essence, a hobby. For that same reason, I'm not considering Patreon or any other similar platform at the moment. Needless to say, monetization is not my goal either, at least for now. I'm more than satisfied just sharing the fruits of my enthusiastic work in a few sites like this, and talking with the fans that are genuinely interested in my games; fans who come to me out of pure will and shared interests, instead of me actively pursuing them with a more or less aggressive advertising.

Anyway, I appreciate your suggestions, and it will be a pleasure to keep in touch with you.


Thank you very much, and welcome back! Yes, I remember you, and I'm glad you have time to show up around here again!

Indeed, the "Meaningful choices" tag is a must in my games... because, in turn, it's sadly disappearing from too many other visual novels (whether their authors or companies admit it or not), practically making some of them unworthy of such a name. I certainly talked about it in detail in the mini essay you refer to, and those are still and will be the standards I follow.

Hope you enjoy the current version of "And now, time to study", and sure, I'll keep investing in it the same efforts and, more importantly, the same or even more enthusiasm.

See you around!

No, this game isn't exactly about romance... at least, during the first few chapters. Later on, maybe there could be some surprises... maybe not. Maybe something vaguely related... or maybe depending on the player's choices. Who knows.

Sí, por supuesto, aunque se harán esperar. El plan de ruta del capítulo 6 está ya trazado, pero habré de tomarme mi tiempo para escribirlo y programarlo... después de terminar mis ocupaciones actuales, que son traducir el capítulo 4 de la versión en inglés, y escribir los primeros finales de mi otro juego, "Y ahora, a estudiar".

Un saludo y espero que hayas disfrutado de la versión actual de CMEA. ¡Hasta luego!

Indeed, it's not abandoned. It's just that the updates usually take this long... because I have to split my efforts among several projects at once and the management of two languages, which keeps me this busy. I'm glad you had a good time with the current version of Monster Girls: the Advent, and you can be sure I'll keep working on it with the same enthusiasm, if not more.

Cheers and see you!

Certainly. In fact, I'm already working on the translation of Chapter 4. It'll still take a while, but another English update will come out sooner or later.

I hope you enjoyed what's available so far. Greetings!

¡Hola! Encantado de saludarte de nuevo.

En efecto, tal como compilo el juego, cada nueva versión es un "build" completo con más contenido, pero que hay que volver a empezar a jugar desde el principio. En teoría, sería posible compartir "saves" de versiones anteriores, pero es muy posible que esto dé lugar a problemas de compatibilidad debido a la alta frecuencia con que el software de Ren'Py se actualiza, así que no suelo recomendar esto. Lo más seguro sigue siendo empezar una nueva partida de cero en cada nueva versión (a fin de cuentas, siempre transcurre un tiempo considerable entre versiones, así que, como dices, nunca está de más refrescar la memoria de todo el argumento cada vez que se juega una versión actualizada).

No te preocupes, sin embargo: en modo alguno te quedarás en el mismo punto que la última vez. La versión del juego que tienes ya incluye todo el nuevo contenido, así que la historia continuará adelante ahí donde, en la versión anterior, finalizaba.

Como siempre, que lo disfrutes, y aquí estoy para cualquier cosa que quieras comentar o consultar.

¡Hasta luego!

Suena a problema de firewall o similar en tu propio dispositivo, ya que la mayoría de usuarios no reporta ese comportamiento. Poco más puedo decirte, aparte de que intentes examinar si tienes alguna configuración que impida la descarga de archivos con extensión .apk. Por desgracia, no tengo ningún control en absoluto sobre cómo se comportan los dispositivos de los usuarios.

Servidor público no, pero mi dirección personal la puedes ver en mi perfil: rasalaghe#0005

Muchas gracias por sumar tu cálido comentario a los últimos que estoy recibiendo, y espero que hayas disfrutado todo lo que el juego ofrece por ahora.

Me alegra saber que te gusta el desarrollo de Dave como protagonista de la historia. Como es normal, esta evolución lenta y detallada no es del agrado de todo el mundo (otros preferirían que las cosas fueran más "al grano"), pero en efecto, es así como concebí a Dave, y difícilmente podría tener otro carácter, tanto la narración como el mismo personaje. Ojalá su maduración y sus continuos debates internos en este mundo fantástico sigan ganando adeptos. Pero las cosas no siempre serán parsimoniosas en esta historia, y queda aún un buen montón de sorpresas por descubrir.

A medida que avance el argumento habrá más Chicas Monstruo, desde luego, aunque al "séquito" personal de Dave ya no se sumarán muchas más, puesto que eso desestabilizaría un grupo ya de por sí exótico en semejante mundo. Por supuesto, las Chicas Monstruo seguirán siendo las protagonistas indiscutibles, pero sí planeo introducir a alguna humana de vez en cuando, como son los casos de Cindy y Gathe. Es halagador que esta última haya llamado asimismo tu atención, pues sin duda, el carácter de las mujeres humanas también está y estará ahí, y ellas también van a tener su papel en la historia. No será de forma continua, pero tu deseo se cumplirá, porque esta no será la última vez que Gathe haga apariciones, ni mucho menos.

Y tranquilo, ten por seguro que voy a continuar escribiendo esta historia con el mismo empeño o más, poco a poco, pero manteniendo esa misma filosofía y añadiendo giros y momentos de acción, para dar cada vez más color a esta aventura.

Un saludo, y para cualquier otra cosa que quieras comentar, estoy a tu disposición. ¡Nos vemos!

Jeje, en realidad el mérito es de PyTom, que nos brindó los medios para, casi sin esfuerzo adicional, producir versiones de nuestros juegos para multitud de plataformas diferentes, entre ellas Linux. Muchas gracias a él... y a ti por el comentario.

Que disfrutes del juego, y aquí estoy para lo que precises. ¡Un saludo!

¡Hola! Muchas gracias por tu amable comentario, y me alegra que estés disfrutando el juego. Hasta la fecha no he elaborado ningún walkthrough completo, aunque tal vez saque tiempo para hacer uno sencillo en los próximos días. En todo caso, y para evitar spoilers no deseados a la comunidad, no lo publicaría aquí. De modo que, si quieres, puedes darme alguna vía de contacto personal para enviártelo por privado cuando lo tuviera listo (creo que ya me has contactado por Discord). ¿Hay alguna heroína en especial cuyas escenas desees ver?

Un cordial saludo, y nos vemos

Muchas gracias por tan amables palabras. Me alegra mucho que todo en el juego haya sido de tu agrado, y ten por seguro que continuaré adelante con ello, a paso lento pero seguro. Habrá que tener mucha paciencia hasta la siguiente actualización, pero el contenido del capítulo 6 ya está más o menos perfilado. ¡Aún queda mucho por disfrutar!

Como siempre, estoy a vuestra entera disposición para lo que queráis comentar. ¡Nos vemos!

Muchísimas gracias por tus palabras, ¡significan mucho para mí! En efecto, soy otro acérrimo fan de MGQ, y esta obra quiere ser un pequeño homenaje al mismo. Me alegra saber que has disfrutado hasta este punto mi historia, así como mi visión particular del universo de las Chicas Monstruo.

Tienes razón en el hecho de que el apartado visual podría ser mejor, y que colaborando con otra gente esto se podría subsanar. Y perdona la parrafada que sigue, pero quiero corresponder tu concienzudo mensaje siendo totalmente sincero contigo. Reclutar a otros, más allá quizá de asuntos de traducción, no es mi objetivo en la actualidad, y tampoco pretendo en absoluto acercarme siquiera al supremo nivel de calidad que MGQ encarna. Gestionar un Patreon/Kickstarter/et al. y mover dinero y recursos humanos son asuntos que no van conmigo, ni están de momento en mi agenda. Como bien mencionas, la pasión y la entrega per se son lo que realmente me mueven a escribir y programar esta obra, y por ahora, no tengo ambiciones de llevarla más lejos que esto. Lo que no significa que me cierre puertas a que, en un futuro, mi creación pueda trascender y convertirse en un trabajo todavía más concienzudo, incluso con posibilidades comerciales, y en el que participen más personas. Pero de momento, esa no es mi motivación.

Trabajar solo tiene sus limitaciones, no cabe duda; pero también otras ventajas con las que estoy más que satisfecho, y que ayudan entre otras cosas (y por poco que lo parezca) a mantener intacto lo que para mí es fundamental: el espíritu de la historia, ese mismo por el que me dedicas tus elogios, que por supuesto, te agradezco profundamente. Mi fuerte es la escritura, y es ahí donde sin duda doy el máximo. Y mi auténtico motor son las ansias de contar esa historia sobre Chicas Monstruo en formato novela visual, utilizando a ritmo sosegado las herramientas a mi alcance, para satisfacer lo que sé que es clave en esto: el puro entusiasmo de hacerlo. Cruzar ciertos límites en busca de mejor calidad gráfica (y en otros campos) empezaría a introducir factores de estrés que ya he visto en muchos otros devs; factores que uno no detecta hasta que realmente empieza a meterse en esta clase de actividades, y a los que, por el momento al menos, no contemplo en absoluto dar cabida en mi proceder. Principalmente porque empezarían a entrar en conflicto con lo que esto pretende ser en esencia: un hobby.

Como digo, esto podría cambiar en el futuro y no me cierro a ello. Pero por ahora, confío en que con todo lo que tengo a mi disposición (que no es poco), la historia siga floreciendo como es mi deseo, y el de mis seguidores, entre los que te doy (desde luego) mi más cálida bienvenida. Y no te quepa duda, seguiré adelante con esta obra y con mi otro juego en desarrollo, a ritmo calmado, pero con ese mismo entusiasmo que es el auténtico y genuino motor del producto que ha llegado a tus manos, y que, de nuevo, me alegra sobremanera saber que has disfrutado.

Un caluroso saludo, y para cualquier otra cosa, estoy siempre a tu disposición. ¡Nos vemos!

Hi! But of course I remember you! Your messages are among the most pleasant and encouraging around here. And believe it or not, I sometimes find myself wondering if I'll ever see them again. So yeah, glad to have news from you yet again, and thank you for following my endeavors!

Well, I'm telling you, in this day and age, it's not so strange to feel the urge to type messages to "random strangers we've never met in person"... truth be told, that stopped being strange long ago. You just have to take a look around you. More and more, you don't need at all to meet anyone in person, not even once, in order to build some sort of friendly exchange with them. That being a good or a bad thing, or being simply another casual thing in this world, well, that's entirely another issue... I don't think it's all that bad, especially when it's about sharing the object of our enjoyment.

As always, thank you for your kind words and wishes. I'm doing fine around here, putting things together slowly but surely for the next update... which will arrive pretty soon, I'm glad to say. Certainly, your message couldn't have reached in a better moment. We can get ready to see a bit more of the game translated...

Until then... cheers!

¡Hola! Gracias por dedicarme estas cálidas palabras. Me alegra mucho que hayas disfrutado el juego; comentarios como el tuyo me hacen saber que voy por el buen camino con el diseño de la historia, y que hay gente ahí que comparte mi propio disfrute.

Como he indicado algunas veces, "Chicas Monstruo: el Advenimiento" está inspirado sobre todo en el célebre e inmortal "Monster Girl Quest", al que pretendo hacer un homenaje en cierto sentido. ¿Tal vez tus malas experiencias vienen de ahí,  o de juegos de diseño similar...? Sea como sea, me alegra saber que el enfoque de mi propio juego ha conseguido evitar esto en tu caso, y más aún, ha hecho tus delicias. Hay pocas circunstancias que sean más halagüeñas para el creador de un juego, así que gracias de nuevo por expresarlas.

Respecto a tus preguntas, me alegra informarte de que ahora mismo estoy activamente inmerso en la escritura del capítulo 5 de CMEA, que está ya bastante avanzado. No puedo hacer estimas precisas sobre cuándo estaré listo para publicar la siguiente actualización, tal vez un par de meses... pero lo que es seguro, es que este juego será el protagonista de mi próximo gran anuncio por lo que respecta a mis juegos en español (estoy preparando una actualización de mi otro juego en inglés, pero eso es otra historia), en como en el resto de plataformas en las que me muevo, principalmente Facebook y mi blog. El séquito de Dave en sí no crecerá mucho más, porque hay un límite a la sostenibilidad que puede tener en este mundo un grupo de Chicas Monstruo en torno a un humano... pero sí, aún hay en reserva unas cuantas sorpresas. Seguiré intentando equilibrar los elementos del juego (RPG, argumento, acción y "charm", como bien mencionas) de la mejor manera posible, para mostraros ese mundo fantástico al que mi mente poco a poco va insuflando la vida...

Para cualquier otra consulta, o si quieres comentar, sugerir o simplemente conversar acerca de lo que sea, aquí sigo, a tu disposición.

¡Un saludo!

Ras Alaghe

Hi! As of now, there are no endings with the girls or anything of the sort, not even in the Spanish version, because the game is still in development (and will be for quite a while). At most, you can follow a few different routes to see events that are unique to some of the girls. Likewise, I don't have a guide per se, but if you are interested in seeing the specific events of a certain girl, I can provide some pointers or tell you the exact choices you need to make. So as not to spoil things to other players, you can just give me some private contact info, and I'll be happy to oblige.


Glad for you. Enjoy!

Thanks again, for your understanding as well as everything else. I'll keep at it!

Hi, and thank you so much for such kind words! I'm happy to know that people like you are enjoying my game to this extent, and truthfully, I can't help but feeling a bit bad sometimes for not being able to bring you all updates more often. Nonetheless, I'll keep trying my best, because, above all, writing my games is to me an enjoyment in and of itself.

Regarding your question, rest assured: Reiko-san is, indeed, one of the main heroines of the story, and I'm certainly planning for her to have a couple of happy endings with Naoto... if you play your cards well, that is! In fact, it will be possible to reach such endings in both branches of the story, science and volleyball. I'm guessing you played the Spanish version of the visual novel, which has already three Acts in the science branch, so surely you have a good insight of things at this stage... but the best is yet to come!

Greetings, and if you have any other questions, suggestions, or you simply feel like talking more about this, I'll always be at your disposal.

See you!

Currently, the English version has 145,885 words, but the final one is still far away and I can't make an accurate estimate of the length that the complete game will have. The Spanish version, which is the most advanced, has right now a total of 584,897 words.

I have another one in this same site, but the theme and mood are totally unrelated: school life, comedy and romance. But of course, you can check it out whenever, if you'd like: it's called "And now, time to study"; you possibly saw it already.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed what is available so far. Right now, the script of Chapter 4 (Spanish version) is in the hands of one of my translators. When I get news from him, I'll start reviewing and editing his work. This might still take a while, as I  have other ongoing projects and not so much free time as I used a couple of months ago... but I hope I will eventually be able to release the English 0.4 version, with more of Dave's adventures in the northern forest.


Thanks a lot for such kind words! If not anything else, I'm very persistent, and this update will come out sooner or later!

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I'm not sure I understand. All the Spanish scripts have been thoroughly revised, regarding grammar, syntax and even coherence between lines, and no one else reported me something like this. Seems to me that some Android versions could be giving problems. Is what you write a machine translation? Instead of roughly translating Spanish sentences and writing them here, one or two screenshots of your game would be more helpful for me to try to figure out what's happening.

We'll probably be able to take care of this better if we continue talking in depth privately about the issue; so anyway, I'm going to e-mail you.

What part of the game are you playing? Could you maybe point out some of those errors to me? I'm not sure what they could be. Maybe Android compatibility issues?

Talk to me via PM about this, if possible. I think you have my e-mail.

Hi, that's great news! Hit me up when you're ready, because translation has been advancing and I probably will assign you a different task than the last time.

Haha, don't worry. I'm glad to see that your energy is still quite noticeable so late at night, and your outbreaks of insanity provide us with just the right amount of spice. Random or not, they're always welcome :D

To the point. I'm doing well, writing some more of the story and recruiting the help of two other translators for both my projects. Right now I'm also busy with some unrelated commissions as a writer and programmer. Nonetheless, I can say that, after some hardships, the first English translation draft for the 9th day script of "And now, time to study" (which is a pretty damn long one) is finally complete thanks to VSSValdez, one of those translators. Now I just have to polish it before release, but this is still an elaborate task and will take some more time, especially with my current activities. The end of the journey, anyway, seems closer now.

Take care and stay tuned. I'll try to show some screenshots of the progress in upcoming devlogs now and then.