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Really fun idea. I kept trying to beat it, but only ever got to 11. My advice would be to either make it a lot easier or make it a lot tighter. Right now many deaths feel like nonsense, and I hate that.

For example, the thing where you can (and in some cases apparently must) go a fair distance into the floor/ceiling, but you can't see the limit of how far you can go before you die? The game is hard enough without having to guess where you're going to die.

Fast pendulums that come out of nowhere need to be foreshadowed somehow. Maybe a sound, I dunno.

The colliders needs to be closer to the models. Sometimes you can go through the edge of the cogs, sometimes you get hit while not even touching them.

The death sequences are great, but need to be skippable.

I'd put the checkpoints more frequent, too. Having to constantly redo a section I barely beat once because the next part kills me, isn't fun.

Kept me playing, I'll give you that. Love the aesthetic.

Thank you for showing your point of view!

Well, the colliders must be tuned for sure... It is a great idea to add a skip button and I could add a warning "pendulum is coming!". Also, I don't really remember any levels where you must go through map edges, so there could be a different way to play through it. Anyway,  I should make the boundaries more clear. 

A debate difficult/fun is still in place, with no clear outcomes 😁 but here are some levels that are mentioned  often: level 11 is too hard compared to other levels, level 6 looks impossible, and I'll find out which level is 8 to see how can it be improved.