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Nope, any region, according to some reports i have it works well on ntsc genesis and megadrives. And on my nstsc grnesis 1 too. Looks like a fpga emulation problem.

They found the issue.  I guess the game needs a unique serial number instead of all 0's.  It identifies the game by the serial number.

Why not identify a game by "Domestic or International name" from ROM header? Looks more logical and easy. Not sure how i can generate an serial number and not hit another game SN.

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Thanks for the serial.  They added an exception for your game to use name after your suggestion.

One of the MiSTer FPGA devs found a work-around and asked if you could give the game a unique serial number. 

I'm passing along the Dev's comments:
The bus arbitration in our core is not ideal most games don't care, but some do, so this one needs a FIFO tweak to make it behave correctly but to do that, I have to be able to uniquely identify the game, which means the serial has to be meaningful, not all 0's


I discovered this game because of a recently posted MiSTer video on youtube, and play it on MiSTer myself. Glad to contribute a little for projects like this, great game!

Just upload a new v1.2 with a random SN :)

Thank you!!