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I cant download the ps1 version anymore either


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What message did I receive? I accidently deleted it

Fun game I recorded some gameplay from MiSTer its a fpga c64.

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Thanks for the serial.  They added an exception for your game to use name after your suggestion.

They found the issue.  I guess the game needs a unique serial number instead of all 0's.  It identifies the game by the serial number.

Is this a pal game?  I'm using any fpga genesis and graphics start to mess up after I die a few times when its set to JAP or US but works fine in EU region.

Would be cool but I have no idea on how to do it.  I wanted to record video of it.

Anyway to add a mile marker?

Game works but mile counter isnt working for me.

Im using the rom on a fpga gameboy core.

Its still at zero after 10 mins

How long does it take to get a mile?

Can you join me on discord?

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I recorded some game play. I did buy it.

Will there be d64 version once you have a cart?  I wanted to check it out on a fpga c64.  I bought it but Im hoping I can get a d64 version down the road.