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LOL, thank you for the quick reply. I'll pass the info on to Roger. 

Thanks!! :)

Very nice game!! 
The opening text on the loading screen doesn't right on the CoCo3 FPGA. The author of the CoCo3 core wanted to know if it's GIME Text Mode?  

"It must be a GIME text mode I "forgot" to "fully support". Maybe someone can ask Chetmeister what mode that is so I can fix it. Thanks."

Digger III Played on the MiSTer FPGA COCo3 core.

Thank you. :)

Looks nice.

I just finished the game.
Fantastic game!!  

Such fun!!
Great job on the game. 

Thank you, I'm having fun playing BasInvaders.

Thank you for adding a MiSTer ROM. 

What a fun game. 
Works great on my MiSTer FPGA.

Thank you!!

One of the MiSTer FPGA devs found a work-around and asked if you could give the game a unique serial number. 

I'm passing along the Dev's comments:
The bus arbitration in our core is not ideal most games don't care, but some do, so this one needs a FIFO tweak to make it behave correctly but to do that, I have to be able to uniquely identify the game, which means the serial has to be meaningful, not all 0's

Very nice game.  

I'm so happy this game is finished and released it's a must have in your C64 collection.