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Nice, thanks for feature!

oh ,thanks \0/

Oh, how i miss it, will add, sorry!

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Just upload a fixed tap that works well on +2a, it was a sjasmplus savetap issue!

Thanks for support!

ty \0/

Here is a quick walkthrough:

Thanky \o/ Have a nice play!


Thanks, have fun!

ty \o/

Thanks, yep, enhanced physical release will be from MegaCat Studios!

It's for some megadrives (new models mostly or some japan megadrives) that have dma trouble, it stop z80 during DMA that affect a music.

Oh, great speccy puzzler, love it! Keep a good work \o/

Oh, thanks mate \o/

Thanky \0/

Oh, mate. You need a Sega Genesis emulator to open that file, cheers!

Thanks! Right now there is no any password system so it's one go game, but maybe i'll add one with a next version when i find some free time for it!

Ty \0/


 Oh, great news!

Ty, yep it works on my genesis with everdrive :)

Just upload a new v1.2 with a random SN :)

Why not identify a game by "Domestic or International name" from ROM header? Looks more logical and easy. Not sure how i can generate an serial number and not hit another game SN.

Yep, it'll be released by MegaCatStudios, one day :)

Nope, any region, according to some reports i have it works well on ntsc genesis and megadrives. And on my nstsc grnesis 1 too. Looks like a fpga emulation problem.

Thanks, Mate \o/ grtz from siberia! Thanks for report!

Thanks mates. Yep, SGDK is amazing!

Hi there! License file goes with game, but basicly it's a

NIce project, btw. Keep a good work. Cheers!

Thanks for report, yep it crash rarely with everdrive. Just ordered one to test. Will fix asap :)

\o/ thanks! It's our first game for 16bit and we love MD so far! A physical copy will be release ASAP by MegaCatStudios stay tuned!