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i’ve always restrictions prompted my creativity. I’ve really enjoyed participating in game jams even if i’m not always happy with my games in the end for this reason. Having some sort of direction helps me come up with new ideas that i wouldn’t have come up with without them.


This is such a great perspective on the whole thing. I also like having a set of rules before starting, whether I set them myself or here the jams sorta dictate them, but it helps me narrow my focus and get things done. I also think the timeline of a jam is great for people who sorta perpetually edit or self scrutinize, with a deadline you have to call it "finished" at some point, even if it isn't up to your finished standards, but generally it seems that the people downloading these games also know what to expect and these won't be hundred page books with pro layout & art, the little things are quirks to me that I appreciate.

Basically this, and also, I’ve always loved deadlines! I get 99% more work done on a deadline.