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I totally agree with what people have been saying; in addition to those suggestions here’s a couple things I’d maybe like to see:

  • DC said this but I wanted to emphasize: A shared area for all tabletop game jams. I get each jam can have their own page, but there’s all sorts of cool jams and being able to throw ideas around with people in other jams would be great imo.
  • A play-by-post section. Play-by-post in a forum is great, and people like Abe Mendes are doing really excellent work reworking the style for current forms of internet communities.
  • An actual-play section. Not just recorded shows, but home sessions. A place for characters people have made, art of characters, cool campaign stories, etc. And of course, discussing our favorite shows too.

I’d also like to volunteer as a mod. I haven’t moderated a forum before (although used a few for a couple years) but I’ve been moderating discords from 50-2400 people for a few years now!


I’d like to throw my voice behind an area for Jams as well. It’s really cool when multiple game jams are going on at once, but it would be so nice to be sure not to miss any or not mix up deadlines, since that’s easy to do if there is no central location.