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Thanks, change-logs are a major contributor to my decisions to purchase a game, not only does it help to determine if changes have been made that make the game more appealing to me specifically, but it also gives a rough indication of the health of a project, I was looking into picking Flamberge up a while back but decided to wait after hearing about certain improvements it needed at the time, I definitely look forward to seeing this progress, it's a really cool concept for a game, the only similar game I know of is a prototype/demo here on itch called  Plan B (, just curious, I don't know if that game had any specific inspiration, but did yours? :)


For the simultaneous approach, my inspiration was mainly Frozen Synapse Flotilla , and this bit of gameplay in Star Fox: Command. Plan B looks a bit Frozen-Synapsey to me, as well.

For the RPG elements I draw a lot from Fire Emblem and Paper Mario to name a couple. Most of my combat abilities were at first inspired by MOBAs like League/Dota back when I first started.