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I honestly don't (I'm so sorry).

There are several big update posts on Steam. But I'll probably switch over to tracking changes on my own webpage now that the game will be on different stores. I'll post a link to a central changelog there come next update.

Thanks, change-logs are a major contributor to my decisions to purchase a game, not only does it help to determine if changes have been made that make the game more appealing to me specifically, but it also gives a rough indication of the health of a project, I was looking into picking Flamberge up a while back but decided to wait after hearing about certain improvements it needed at the time, I definitely look forward to seeing this progress, it's a really cool concept for a game, the only similar game I know of is a prototype/demo here on itch called  Plan B (, just curious, I don't know if that game had any specific inspiration, but did yours? :)


For the simultaneous approach, my inspiration was mainly Frozen Synapse Flotilla , and this bit of gameplay in Star Fox: Command. Plan B looks a bit Frozen-Synapsey to me, as well.

For the RPG elements I draw a lot from Fire Emblem and Paper Mario to name a couple. Most of my combat abilities were at first inspired by MOBAs like League/Dota back when I first started.