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Hi all, if you're having issues with the singleplayer mode in the beta version, please go play the default version.

I was hoping to solve these issues in the coming days, but I'll be out of town for an emergency, which is gonna delay the fixes.

I'll make a new post once I've fixed campaign!


For the simultaneous approach, my inspiration was mainly Frozen Synapse Flotilla , and this bit of gameplay in Star Fox: Command. Plan B looks a bit Frozen-Synapsey to me, as well.

For the RPG elements I draw a lot from Fire Emblem and Paper Mario to name a couple. Most of my combat abilities were at first inspired by MOBAs like League/Dota back when I first started.

I honestly don't (I'm so sorry).

There are several big update posts on Steam. But I'll probably switch over to tracking changes on my own webpage now that the game will be on different stores. I'll post a link to a central changelog there come next update.

Thanks dude!

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Hi all! Michael here.

I'm trying to get multiplayer up and running soon (I'm about 75% there until I can put the beta put). Unfortunately, I'm going to be preoccupied for a couple weeks (I'm taking FLAMBERGE and FRIENDGUN to GDC and spending some time in LA afterward). 

In the meantime, feel free to chat me up about the game if you have any comments/questions/feedback/etc.

I'll try to get back to you in a timely manner (sorry if not right away).

Here's an FAQ for the most pressing questions I get asked:

When will the game be released?

I program the game alone, and since sales don't pay the bills, I often have to step away for long periods of time.  2019 has been really good so far, but I can't make a release date promise until I'm much closer to finished.

Is there a demo?

There is! On Steam. It's quite far behind in its design, so I haven't put it on itch yet. I'll release a more up-to-date demo with my next big build release I think.

How big/long will the game be at release?

Plans are:

  • 6 chapters
  • 7+ hours long
  • Some side content
  • ~64 unique abilities over ~56 classes (most of these are already done or prototyped)

Any platforms planned other than PC/Mac/Linux?

I'd like to publish FLAMBERGE for mobile if possible (the click and drag interface works well with touch screens). I also have a developer license for Nintendo Switch, so I'll be moving to publish there as well.

Thanks all! 

Feel free to contact me via email ( or Twitter (@hydezeke) as well.


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When I make FRIENDGUN++ can I quote you in the trailer? hahaha

I'd really like to expand! I'll release a cheap paid game with 2 or 3x the content.

There is one alternative ending! Just don't jump over the gate (it bugs the ending and I gotta patch that out).

I'm so happy you noticed that! You're the first person to bring it up. Thanks for playing!!