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1) Windows, Mac, or Linux? I wish it was just a few clicks 😅. Jam projects are a bit messy and chaotic behind the curtain.

2) I have, but it probably won't happen. Might be fun though! Thanks for playing :)

Ooooh fancy a coffee... ☕😩

Midjourney will put out a ton of images per prompt, then let you 'breed' the ones you like (selecting images, then re-running the prompt with those images as influence) until you like what you see

I have to mention- there are apps now where you can refine your prompt / re-run certain sections of the image to get the program to 'try again' on the parts that seem off. This is how DALL-E's studio mode works. Users are able to pretty easily get rid of the mistakes/dreamy qualities of the image

Yeah, true. I've been using art as a catch-all for illustration as well.

I think that it helping indies is still positive. I just dont think all of this is worth it. I think that something really important is being lost if we can generate PNGs this close to human level with so little effort, without letting the humans (who made this AI possible in the first place) be involved at all.

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I'm getting pretty rambly but I think this is really a crux issue:

Derivative work has generally been fine in art because human artists are fairly transparent and supportive of other artists.

"Wow, I love your landscapes. Who are you inspired by?" is something you can ask a human artist, and likely get a response. This keeps art very transparent. I think what's so bothersome about AI art is that it produces end products (paintings) but nothing else. To me, visual art is much more than just a JPEG you look at. But maybe to other people it's just that? Idk

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But I think everyone should be aware of where the envelope is being pushed.

I was personally pretty taken aback by these two (and for fun note the weird signature it reproduced in the first one):

I can spot a lot of 'mistakes' but they're all kinda in the realm of human-like mistakes (repeat tea cups, strange hair physics, strange eye angle etc).

But when you see these- you gotta remember: the little quirks of the style were all made by human artists, not 'thought up' by AI. With the top image, I really wanted to know which artists it learned the cloth shading from! But I can't. No sources/no trace of who or where it learned from. Really disappointing.

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Yeah, I'm sure we will see a ton of "obvious" AI art that is laughably bad. That's a given.

See this demo of a Photoshop plugin producing a very incoherent image in the end:

A lot of good points. I will mention though: giving examples of AI making 'bad art' doesn't mean it's not production ready.

DALL-E/Midjourney has been available to the public for 1 month and there are already indie games being made entirely from its output:

I would not make assumptions about what this tech can/cannot do. Blanket assumptions like "well it wont be able to do 3D", "well it can't animate" are being challenged literally 4 weeks after release lol

Ahhh, what a nice walk

I love it

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AI art is becoming   nearly    indistinguishable from 'the real thing' as you all know by now probably. I was excited at first, but I've since come around- this whole thing is messed up.

Let's address the first thing people are telling me:

  1. AI art is not derivative, it's transformative. Transformative art is not stealing.

If you know 10 artists, take their art and make a collage, it is transformative. But what if you sell it? What if you don't credit them at all? What if you had a machine make the collages? What if you made 1000 collages per minute? What if one of those collages became wildly popular, and sold for more than their 10 salaries combined?

By doing this you may not be stealing their actual art pieces, but you are actively stealing from their potential. It doesn't make it better if it's 1000 artists per collage. It's much worse if the collages have an indistinguishable style from the originals.

  2. People should know the risks of posting their art online.

How? The risks for over 20 years have been "someone might steal it" or "someone may be inspired by it and make a better piece", not "a corporation will use it to seed millions of art pieces, which will reach a wider audience than you can even conceive".

  3. AI art is just another bump in the road for art.

Possibly. But I think it's an overly hopeful thing to say when everything else about AI has been so unprecedented. I agree that art will always survive, but I think that visual art, especially visual art in online spaces, has an extremely rocky road ahead.

  4. AI art will level the playing field for indies.

Against who? Other independent artists? AAA studios can use AI art too, yeah? I agree that saving indies money is nice, but it's only achieved through cutting indie artists out of the gamedev space.

To end- it's okay to find AI art exciting. The potential is absolutely wild. What is not okay is willful ignorance against the harm it will do against indie artists. AI art requires no consent right now, and leans heavily on cushy IP law that was not written with this in mind. Hard no from me.


I've updated the extension with sorting / light theme support (screenshots aren't updated). ⭐⭐⭐

That's a really good idea!

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Is your creator dashboard getting a bit long? I made a Chrome extension to help find your stuff faster.

You can get it here (Chrome only).

I noticed that some users have 20-30 published things on their profiles. I can't imagine what their drafts look like! Hopefully this can be of some help.

Edit Jan 31 - The extension is updated with light theme support + sorting (alphabetical and date created, ascending and descending).

It is a Full Game.

Wow, thank you so much! It's hard to summarize the work I did. Knowing a lot of quick tricks and shorthands for various features helps a lot.

I also avoid putting mechanics into my ludum dare games that I know I can't pull off quickly. Menus, cutscenes, inventory, and gated progression I keep to an absolute minimum. LCD only contains one cutscene (the credits) and one progression barrier (the crystal), so it was very easy to playtest.

Was there anything specific in the game you wanted to know about?

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Thank you for playing! The color banding is a result of my screen shader, which limits the number of colors on screen + tweaks them a bit.

fixed4 frag (v2f i) : SV_Target             
    float4 col = tex2D(_MainTex, i.uv);                 
    //This is the part where I limit the colors a bit
    fixed r = 32;                 
    col.r = round(col.r*r)/r;                 
    col.g = round(col.g*r)/r;                 
    col.b = round(col.b*r)/r;
    //This is just color tweaking             
    col /= float4(1.05,1.0,0.85,1);                 
    col = col*0.7+0.3*float4(0.5,0.4,0.4,1);                 
    return col;             
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Hi- I noticed that the <iframe> source for the widget does mention other contributors:

<iframe frameborder="0" src="<a href="<a href=""></a>"><a href="</a>"></a></a>" width="552" height="167">
    <a href="<a href="<a href=""></a>"><a href="</a>"></a></a>">PLATEAU MELODY by hydezeke, MrHassanSan</a>

but the widget itself doesn't (MrHassanSan is omitted here):

I'd love some way to list my contributors- even if it has to supercede the description.

This was great, I really enjoyed it :) :) :)

About to download the game, but noticed there's a webGL build. You should set the game to 'HTML' in the itch game page editor. (Also 'this file will be played in the browser' checkbox next to the zip upload itself).

Fun stuff! First-person was pretty scary so I tended to look at the minimap instead. I really enjoyed planning my route and racing as fast as possible during some intense alien chases.

So freaking cool! I found it fairly difficult to navigate but I was constantly surrounded by really great and interesting visuals/audio. Love the way you made the tutorial too!

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This gave me a good laugh and had a neat system on top of it.

I think after a few encounters I was starting to get tired, but then when I had more practice and started getting 2 or 3 'No thanks' in quick succession, it became pretty addictive!

Edit: Itch had a bug / sorry for the triple-post hahaha

Oh my gosh, that means so much, thanks!

Yikes! I really underestimated how bad the enemies are in the first few rooms.

For now, all you can really do is hit spacebar a bunch (it's the "wait" command) which will prompt the enemies to kill you.

After those first hallways you get a sword which lets you fight the enemies (hopefully more fun, hahaha)

Thanks for the catch! Gonna add that in the desc

Thank you! Your comment did the same thing for me! :')

This is lovely :)))

Such a cool concept! I love how strategic the controls screen feels each time I go back.

this is probably the result of me not knowing how spherical coordinates work and just winging it  u__u

Thanks! Low res render texture with a shader to limit the colors. If you use Unity, you can download GBCamera and check out their example scene:

100% agree. I was trying to fit DCJam (theme: going global) and GMTK's theme sorta took a backseat. 'Out of control' reminded me of gotchi games (you don't manually control your virtual pet, but feed them, etc) but I think other submissions had much cooler interpretations of the theme.

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First to check- are you playing non-beta? Beta has many issues in singleplayer.

Secondly- the game is structured mostly to play with a mouse, minimal keyboard.

Sounds like there are some issues with resolution, maybe. Any idea what resolution you're playing at?

Abilities generally are aimed like this:

[Ability button, e.g. Q] -> [Aim with mouse] -> [Mouse click to set the ability]

If you don't click, the cursor will follow you until you do, or right click/ESC to cancel.

The execute button switches to a '...' when the turn is executing. ('Planning' phase v 'Execution' phase). The planning/executing system becomes more clear when you start ordering multiple units simultaneously.

Also I think the word was 'triune', as in a trinity.

Let me know if you run into more problems! Sorry it's been a pain to play so far! -msb

If you get around to it, I give full permission to add FLAMBERGE to the bundle. Incredibly proud of and everyone contributing!

Hi LeafShade!

Development is slow and far between- I tend to wait until something big before I post written updates to here/Steam.

When I am working, I'll often post images of development on Twitter :

I'll probably be posting more toward the end of this month (maybe an update too)- I'll be putting more time aside around then to prep for a showcase in november.

Hope that answers the question! Feel free to wait for release if that suits you better.