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I really like this game. Of course, I couldn't finish it, but who cares!? There are 3 things that annoy me:

  1. You're a random dude who happened to be in a cave. Maybe put on, like, some gear or something to make it look more natural.
  2. Your movement is really jerky. My game is like that as well, but it's more noticeable when you're going really fast.
  3. The death sound really, really annoy me.

But I really do enjoy this game. Work on those three and I'd give you a 100%.

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Thanks for the feedback dude! I will certainly work on those things :) the movement thing was an annoying problem due to the physics updates, it was either as it is and the screen feels a bit jerky or I interpolate the physics and the screen is smoother but the guy is jerky lol, so I couldn't fix it in the time frame :) thank you for your comments and for playing!