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I really like this game. Of course, I couldn't finish it, but who cares!? There are 3 things that annoy me:

  1. You're a random dude who happened to be in a cave. Maybe put on, like, some gear or something to make it look more natural.
  2. Your movement is really jerky. My game is like that as well, but it's more noticeable when you're going really fast.
  3. The death sound really, really annoy me.

But I really do enjoy this game. Work on those three and I'd give you a 100%.

thanks, man! yeah, i really wanted it to be a rage game/puzzle, so i was kinda ruthless while making the hitboxes xD, but thanks for the feedback! :D

Glad to hear that! I think I should focus more on gameplay than the text I used. 

OK, so maybe in the future I should add a trail coming from the player.  But thanks for liking the ending!

Oh, OK. Thanks for the reply, but I don't get what you mean, "familiarize". Do you mean, like adding different things to each dead end, and making them stand out from eachother? I can do that.