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Nice game!  I really like the word building mechanic - very clever.

Got stuck on level five when it generated a level with no stairs.  Fought one ghost and then was stuck.  In the web console I got the error message "ReferenceError: Can't find variable: monster" on line 112 of world.js.

Glad you liked it! Sorry that you got stuck. I've not been able to reproduce that bug – ran the level gen for that floor x15000 without a hitch.

If you (or anyone else) runs into it again, please let me know.

There is the level with the red guy that leaves a trace of flames. Is it a devil? I think that is level five. You have to kill him to create the stairs!

Maybe it was that level, but if so, the stairs didn’t spawn after I killed it.  There was only one enemy on the level, and I *think* it was black, not red, and I don’t recall seeing any flames, although it spawned right next to me so it wouldn’t have been able to leave a trail.  I killed it immediately, and there were no stairs afterwards.  Spent quite a while just wandering around the empty level, standing on every tile, bumping against the walls, wondering if there was a secret thing needed to advance.  Pretty sure it was a bug, since an error message was emitted to the console.