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I originally commented on Bombenalarm about a year ago, asking if I could use the game as an example in a tutorial guide I was creating for the Raycasting Game Maker. The tutorial never became a video series like I originally planned, but today I just completed a guidebook version and posted it to my Itch page. Your game was featured in several screenshots and video examples that were bundled with the PDF guide, so I wanted to make sure you knew.

Bombenalarm was by far the most unique game I've seen made with RGM. Thank you again for letting me include it.

Here's a link to the finished guide:

Very cool, completely forgot about this. Just took a look at it and it really seem to be THE ultimate guide to this engine, hope it will be useful for people wanting to start developing with RGM :) That car park hidden door is a funny idea by the way, love to see unusual ideas like this!

I just noted the texts under figure 93 - 101 see to be wrong, it's always "Hellwomb" and "Cornflakestein", but they clearly show other stuff.

Oh dang. Thank you for catching that. I swore I caught all of those as I was proof-reading the credits.


Looks like it was the two last screenshots for Fuzomite that I forgot to retitle. I did use Templar and Cornflakestein a lot, so I ended up copy/pasting their titles around as I added new screenshots to then rename them in the next draft.

Anyways, really glad you liked my tips and tricks section, I tried to put some serious thought into unique ideas.