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For some reason, I've been sitting on giving this game a try for a little bit. But I finally downloaded the demo and made it to Level 8. 

First, I think the art design with the larger pixel size is phenomenal. You've done an amazing job putting so much detail and character into a small pixel density. The aesthetic is beautiful and the scrolling background sets a great stage.

Second, the color scheme sets a great tone by being just a bit cool and dark, so it gives everything a calm moody vibe. Loop Hero is very grimdark with its gray and brown color scheme, whereas I think Slice & Dice has a slightly more inviting vibe by using the wider spectrum. Makes for a great experience to play in the dark.

Third, I really enjoy the game loop. It's a simple and clear concept that honestly makes me like the turn-based battle mechanic more than I ever have in classic JRPGs. I usually hate turn-based battle planning, but the dice and re-rolls gives it an angle that keeps me engaged and checking for the best strat.

I think I'll give the demo another go and will very likely be picking up a full copy in the near future.

Looking forward to what else you've got in development as well.

So you're saying I could treat it like a downloadable product rather than a post?

Does Itch let you provide Downloads without any payment barrier? Or is "Name Your Price" the lowest option you can pick?

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently writing a massive Tutorial for a lesser known game engine that's about 21,000 words long and will be very comprehensive, with screenshots and animated gif examples of various features.

I've been trying to find an ideal place or two that I can post this tutorial and I wanted to know if there was a place I could post it on 

By the looks of it, Itch doesn't have a dedicated Tutorials section in the community forum, only Devlogs. And while many devs will post tutorials as devlogs related to their work, that doesn't necessarily seem like the right way to post a large, multi-part tutorial like this.

If there isn't a good place on Itch, I wanted to know if anyone had suggestions for other Sites my tutorial could find a home? I'd like it to be accessible to anyone and everyone as easily as possible.

Thanks so much!

This is very similar to what I thought I should try sometime with my strangest dreams. I had a lot of bleak, musty, dilapidated homes and buildings, or fluorescent bulb hallways that felt like the backrooms. This may not have had any goals or collectibles, but the execution of the dream-like experience and the randomness that dreams can have was very familiar and I'd even say accurate.

I was especially impressed with your level of detail for each scene. It felt like there was the right amount of polish. The one aspect I didn't care for was the heavy gray dithering pattern. Just a bit too intense for me.

"Made for the Gothic Novel Jam." That makes so much sense. 

I honestly have no idea how this idea was borne, but it is endlessly fascinating and has so much more room to grow. We've got holy wars, angels, faceless people who are tapping into other worldly powers that are consuming them, a ghostly house, we're hundreds if not thousands of years into the future, and that's not even mentioning the gravity stones and floating land masses yet.

Are we above Earth and people build on floating platforms now, or are we in an interdimensional plane where normal physics don't really exist?

There may not be much you're expected to do as far as the game goes, but in terms of Lore, this is incredible!

While not the scariest haunted house game or piece of media I've seen, I loved the atmosphere and the style of point & click interactivity. You don't see enough 3D games like that, except maybe for "The Room" series on mobile and iPAD. The colors and level of detail here also reminded me of late 90s pre-rendered 3D games, so it had that nostalgic warmth. 

Really really excellent work!

I loooove him! It's like I'm playing as Sprig.

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Unfortunately, while I really wanted to explore more of this game, because Liminal spaces are extremely appealing, the game keeps auto-adjusting the brightness of my character's vision to where I can't see where I'm going most of the time.

This is my first time trying to play. But based on previous Let's Plays, it also looks like this latest build removes the metal details around the doors, so now they look like a fog wall or a pale piece of glass, and it's no longer obvious that they are doors I can open.

I'd really like to give this game another try. So I hope you can look into those two areas in your next update.

Very best of luck.

I'm sure I share the same sentiment with everyone else that this was a masterful work of minimalism and a true horror, not just a cosmic horror. The sound design alone does a majority of the work in giving you that clear indication of how the sub is being maneuvered despite only having 4 buttons to control it with.

I also didn't realize until watching a Youtube deep-dive about it that the photos being taken are in-game renders of actual objects, which makes so much more sense now. Because that means the proximity lights and beeping sounds must be related to where the camera is being moved throughout the 3D map.

I think the world could use more handicapped or blind control horror games like this; where sound is your only confirmation and guide to where you are.

This game was excellent! I really liked your take on the psychological angle of the world warping around you as an extension of the murderer's psyche. I haven't seen it done with this much style before. I especially liked the billboard eyes and people that watch you, and the floating TVs.

The only thing I was confused by was how the game had to reinstall after I quit out the first time. Not sure why that happened. 

But the design of everything here was really memorable. Still don't know what was up with that painting of a... Cardinal sitting in a gold patio chair while rocketing into another dimension. Where'd that come from? I need a game about that next. XD

Am I right that once you get to the Evil Spirit, you either beat it or die, and that's where the game ends for this version?

Everything about this game from the artwork, to design, animation, and music is absolutely gorgeous!

This was so beautifully rendered. I really love the way you thought outside the box by creating a game entirely driven by decision screens, including the combat. It makes for a more visually appealing game than some concepts that can be done in GB studio.

Very impressed that this much unique artwork could work in the game as well, as I understand there's a 4MB limit on data and assets.

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So... the code for this I'm guessing has to be derivative of how the sector code for Doom actually works, because this isn't just going for a Wolfenstein raycasting system, and it can't be geometry because the code data necessary would be too large; it's actually rendering vertical sectors and sloped paths, with levels that are rather sizable, and with more than one type of enemy. I can't even picture how you crammed all of the necessary sprite artwork, and the level rendering code, and the animation for the exploding barrels.

I had zero clue Pico-8 could manage this.

Well would ya look at that. I've been curious if anyone had made an indie game that was inspired by the Kings Field approach to dungeon crawling. But now I find a game that succeeds in imitating its entire aesthetic. That is awesome.

Thanks so much!
And yeah, agreed. Although, potentially you could have had certain people pick up and hold more than one shirt if you had to shoot them more than once. But it has more snappiness if it's only once, that's for sure.

Hi there GGGelo.

So I'm putting together an in-depth tutorial all about how to use the "Raycasting Game Maker." And I wanted to ask if I could use your game as a visual example?

I'd especially like to include it because of how unique the concept is, and that while the enemies do hurt you, the goal is not to hurt them, but to give them free T-shirts. That's such a novel way to approach a game made with RGM.

A 2 hour video version will go to YouTube, and a written version will go to ModDB.

Hi again, Dedreek.
Since this was made in Game Maker Studio, is it still a raycast game, or is it all real 3D blocks and sprite meant to look like an old raycast game?

So I've now played through Cornflakestein, and had another question for you.

What did you do to cause the doors to open automatically when you walk up to them?

And am I correct that you made the keys invisible and dropped them at the start so that the player automatically has them once they find the exit?

Oh my Gosh. Thank you so much for all the info.

So I'm putting together an indepth, 3 part video tutorial on how to use RGM4. Would I be able to use this graphic about the Hex Editor in it? And would I be able to use footage from your game as visual reference in the tutorial?

I'll also be writing a tutorial article over on ModDB with most of the same content.

Hi Skinner Space,
Am I correct that this was made in the Raycasting Game Maker?
If so, I'd love to ask about some of the new tricks you employed, as it looks like you've done some impressive stuff to mod the usual RGM experience, especially your menus.

Is there a social media site or Discord server I can reach you at?

Thanks so much!

Honestly, this game is great.

Compared to a lot of the other RGM games I've played, you really thought outside the box. No other game ive played had a level take place on a train. No other game so far has had the entrance also be the exit that you have to double-back to.  And no one else has made the treasures serve as citizens you have to rescue. 

These are all really clever ideas. 

That would be fantastic. I would love to find more examples. 

Was 2021 the first year of the E1M1 game jam, or were there previous years? 

Thank you so much!

And wow. That's fantastic. How did you figure that out?

Is there any way you could make a video demonstrating that trick? I don't think I completely understand how it works.

Also yes. I've asked several other people from the E1M1 game jam if I can include their games in the tutorial. And I will be sharing links with everyone once the tutorial is complete.

Thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate it.
And yeah, absolutely.

Hi Dedreek.

I had two questions I wanted to ask you.

First, I'm putting together a complete tutorial about all the ins and outs of the Raycasting Game Maker, and wanted to know if I could use your game as a visual reference in both my article, and a video version of the tutorial?

And second, I noticed that your Main Menu doesn't look like everyone else's. The menu icon normally appears on the left side, because it's hard-coded into the engine to sit in that spot, just like the HUD counters. But somehow you have your menu icon appearing on the right. Could you tell me how you moved the icon or mirrored your Menus to look this way?

I'm putting together a tutorial to teach all of the ins and outs of the Raycasting Game Maker, and I wanted to ask if I could use your game as a visual reference?

I'm creating both a written tutorial, and a video version.

Thank you so much.

Fantastic! Thank you so much.

Thanks so much!

Thank you so much! =)

Thank you so much. =)

Absolutely! Thanks so much.
Credits will be included twice in both versions of the tutorial.

Hey there, GuyWithTeaCup.
I'm putting together a tutorial for all the ins and outs of how to use the "Raycasting Game Maker," and I wanted to ask if I could use your game as a visual example? 

I'm working on both a written tutorial and a video version.

Hi LordMcBN.
I'm putting together a tutorial for all the ins and outs of how to use the "Raycasting Game Maker," and I wanted to formally ask if I could use your game as a visual example? 

I'm working on both a written tutorial and a video version.

Hi Captain Bear Games.
I'm putting together a tutorial for all the ins and outs of how to use the "Raycasting Game Maker," and I wanted to ask if I could use your game as a visual example? 

I'm working on both a written tutorial and a video version.