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Thank you so much! I may have to review the pricing of the Elves when the time comes to implement them.

When do you think they will be ready? Thats a big question for you.

Most likely v0.7

Can you give a spoiler on if you plan on adding more floors at least?


And do you have more games like this in the mean time? I have this one and Mythic Manor.

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Harem Hotel is my first and only game :)
More floors/doors/main characters are definitely planned! My plan is to fill 12 doors (Which currently means 13 characters as Felicity & Emma share a door).

So that includes the 3 elfs and the characters already on the game? As for the 8 doors on the 1st and second door?  Your gonna make 1 more floor? Sorry just can't wait. I hope you have a release date soon! Lol

No, the 3 new Elves that you're going to be able to buy are not going to be main characters.

Oh ok be will they each have a story line. I think Jin and Lucy both should have one too. Yeah I know it'll be hard work but it'll pay off in the end don't you think.

Hey Runey42 just wondering when the update comes. Does it auto update or something?