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Ok thank you.

Lol so 2 months until the new elfs are ready?

But does Autumn get more things then just lover ability?

I need someone to spoil something for me. What happens is you free Lin?

Sweet ty.

What's all in the update?

Do you have a good tip on an AV I can use?

Ok let me load my computer back up. I'll let you know then.

Ok how do i fix the problem?

I been trying to fix it. Any tips?

It won't let me play. "Could not execute C:\Users\chester\AppData\Local\Temp\wz917b\Harem_Hotel-v0.6.2-pc\lib\windows-i686\Harem_Hotel.exe. Is it missing." That is what pops up.



Did you ever find out when you will release it?

When the update is ready. How does it load? Auto or do i have to do it?

Hey Runey42 just wondering when the update comes. Does it auto update or something?

Oh ok be will they each have a story line. I think Jin and Lucy both should have one too. Yeah I know it'll be hard work but it'll pay off in the end don't you think.

Well if you ever need advice please let me know. I've never created a game but I have always thought I could help someone that does. So yeah please let me know if you have anything to ask for your game. Like I said you have my e-mail address just in case you have a few thoughts and need another opinion.

I really thought it was gonna be like the other 2 games I really enjoy. Harem Hotel and Mythic Manor. If your new game is gonna be anything like them dud that would be way worth it. Plus if you do something in that area and have new characters popping in and out. You could make it to where there are a few main characters in the Inn but also make something like you reserved e-mails in game to buy a few other rooms, pool, lounge area, floors, and things like that. That way it'll help you build new ideas and have an income. But don't make the prices too high otherwise no one will be interested. Think about that. Here is my e-mail if you can use a little advice. And no i don't want anything for helping. I just like to play on going games that grow. You know what I mean? 

So that includes the 3 elfs and the characters already on the game? As for the 8 doors on the 1st and second door?  Your gonna make 1 more floor? Sorry just can't wait. I hope you have a release date soon! Lol

And do you have more games like this in the mean time? I have this one and Mythic Manor.

Can you give a spoiler on if you plan on adding more floors at least?

When do you think they will be ready? Thats a big question for you.

Did you click the enter button

After Kali story is done? or before?

I entered "truestory" code but the "???" Is gone. Did I miss something?

(1 edit)

Is the last part really the when Lu is in your bed with red eyes? If so idk if im gonna play it anymore. or was there something i missed?

What happens if you free Lin? And i haven't done the slave sex comp. Anyone have info on either subject for me?