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Feedback is always welcome :)

What's the error

Since I only speak English it is up to volunteers. No one has offered to translate Harem Hotel into Vietnamese unfortunately.

It is less about consideration and more about people volunteering to translate over 500,000 words into their native language.

Two people are currently translating Harem Hotel into Chinese.

No, you don't have to start over. Those scenes are meant to be played at the beginning, so I recommend a fresh save.

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I think you missed the part that said "WARNING: THESE SCENES ARE MEANT TO BE PLAYED AT THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE GAME" at the beginning of the explore content.

This is partially why I recommended a fresh save.

I can fix this if I know Maria's level at the time of this bug.

Read the "HOW TO PLAY ON ANDROID" guide on this page

That's not something I have any control over.


Thank you!

Thank you! I was hoping to finish more of her early game story in v0.16 but I didn't have the time

This sounds like the installation instructions weren't perfectly followed.

Read the READ_ME

Links are at the top of this page.

Check out the wiki

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Yes, without restarting you will miss out on remade content, and newly added story events to the beginning of some character's story. Android specifically has gotten a lot of work done to her early story.

This is why I have a special recommendation for v0.16 to do a fresh install and a new save, though it isn't necessary.

Your save files are stored in a separated file from your game, so patching alone shouldn't cause that issue.

Thank you! :)

Thank you so much!

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Compressed down from nearly 90GB.

Yeah try the full version

Thanks :)



They do

Let me know what you think :)

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The name should be a giveaway. Cocksucker trait = Blowjob. That trait doesn't currently do much but traits are supposed to unlock more of that content. So if you like anal, chances are you will do it a lot, which will then unlock even more anal.

The trait system will get an expansion eventually.

You could do a fresh install like that, or use the patch.

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Same place as the old ones. (They're for active supporters)

Thank you :)

Good news! It looks like I was able to get it working for v0.16! Butler appears to have a max limit of 32GB.

Read the words under the big "HOW TO PLAY ON ANDROID" image.

Good :)

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Click the download now button.

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End of game.

Thank you :)

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When asked for your age, you said 17. Where is the punchline? I have to ban you here too. lol.

v0.16 may have a higher chance than normal to cause errors if you only use the patch, but you probably won't miss anything.

Yes, a lot! And many story events are being remade.