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Most likely v0.7

Can you give a spoiler on if you plan on adding more floors at least?


And do you have more games like this in the mean time? I have this one and Mythic Manor.

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Harem Hotel is my first and only game :)
More floors/doors/main characters are definitely planned! My plan is to fill 12 doors (Which currently means 13 characters as Felicity & Emma share a door).

So that includes the 3 elfs and the characters already on the game? As for the 8 doors on the 1st and second door?  Your gonna make 1 more floor? Sorry just can't wait. I hope you have a release date soon! Lol

No, the 3 new Elves that you're going to be able to buy are not going to be main characters.

Oh ok be will they each have a story line. I think Jin and Lucy both should have one too. Yeah I know it'll be hard work but it'll pay off in the end don't you think.

Hey Runey42 just wondering when the update comes. Does it auto update or something?

Not yet. Until then, you'll have to check out my Patreon page or Discord for news and updates.