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Didn't notice earlier the "known issues" section but ok

When entering different area music sometimes doesn't start playing, and sometimes it plays for couple seconds and stops.

I think that I was playing on gamepad two demodays ago. Was it removed or it's something on my side? (tried bluetooth xbox one and wired xbox360)

Are you inspired by FEZ? (layers, 3D heart, binary puzzles)

Ah hey! I remember you from the meat video. Thanks again for the bug reports and suggestions; I'll take note of these. The artist who did the creature animations is working pretty quickly, so hopefully she can take care of the remaining character animations in time for the next demo, and then I can fix up the collision bugs.

Did you use the same gamepad last time? Nothing has changed in terms of gamepad support, so it should work... one possibility is that the game may have gotten confused if you had two different controllers plugged in at the same time. I don't have a wired X360 controller to test with, but I've used a Dualshock 3 and 2, and both worked. Come to think of it, next time I'll add debug messages for controller plug/unplug events, because that would be useful to have in the build.

And yeah! Fez and Undertale are my two favorite games, excluding childhood stuff. Questionable taste by /v/'s standards but I'll stand by it.


No problem, I'm always happy to help.

And don't worry about gamepad. It was something on my side. Yesterday I was plugging in/out at different times (when game was on/off) and it didn't work but I tried it again now and it works.

Good to hear. And I forgot to mention, but the quests you were confused at (Philosophical Slime and the hidden room in the sewers) aren't accessible yet. Same with that rock on the left side of town. It's an arbitrary item, I haven't figured out what it's for.