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I love the effects, but I think they were broken for me. The screen flashed like this the entire game:

It seems like it was working fine for everyone else, so I'm not sure what is going on with my computer. I love the disorienting, winding tracks, very impressive for such a short jam! With some better warning about what comes after sharp bends and less turning around when I hit the walls (maybe penalize with something else, so I don't accidentally start driving backwards), this could be an awesome racing game.

That looks very broken. Can you try setting 'multisamples = 0' and 'textures-power-2 = 0' in the config.ini file under the [panda3d] section? You may also try removing 'gl-version = 3 2'.

It tried that, but it is still having the same problems (Although there is no 'textures-power-2' setting. Did you mean 'texture-anisotropic-degree'?)

'texture-power-2' it's a different setting, you have to add it in manually. It should be hardcoded in so the engine won't resize textures to the next power of two, but maybe for some reason it's not working as it should. If it's not that then probably something wrong with the shaders I've written or how your gpu drivers compile them. You can add 'show-buffers = 1' to see the individual filter buffers, but that won't fix the problem. I'll add options to disable some or all of the filters once the embargo on submitting changes lifts - for now I don't think there's much I can do. Sorry. 

I figured they were different, but I'm not familiar with Panda3D, so I thought I'd check. None of your suggestions seemed to work, so hopefully I'm in the minority with that problem.

Hmm, I thought those "glitches" were intentional.