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Nice effort on this game.

There have been a lot of comments about it already, but indeed, taking the character's control out of the player's hands does leave them feeling robbed and frustrated, so it should probably be avoided as much as possible.

Overall, the game feels very ambitious, which can be both a good and a bad thing. I tend to embark on overly ambitious projects for game jams myself, so I know that all too well. It's easy to get lost along the way while working on many different features, and to never really make them come together. If instead you manage to focus on making the core gameplay enjoyable, without any additional fluff, then you have a solid base to build upon, and the whole game will usually feel much more coherent.

In this case, I think just refining the time actually spent on the planets, and trimming the rest for now, would make for a nice game in itself.

Yes. I think you also have the same experience to want one great game in Jam. This is also my problem during jam. I want to make one game satisfied with myself. Also I want the game complete. In my first jam in Ludrum dare 43 Its hard to work along in the last 24 hours(continuous 48 hours). I can make the art, code while It feels very alone. If I only focus on the core features Also the graphics cannot match on my faviorate. So now I have one team with my classmates while new problems happened. We lack of time management and just combine all elements together. Although We worked in one room for several days while We did not have enough communications. So the third time I cut some teammates and try again. But I still cannot balance the game I wanted with the completed game. 

Your comments makes me feel my real problems I should think about it. Not only for this game, Also for some plans what game I want to make during jam. What game I want to make during daily life. Really appreciate for your comments. Not only for its treasure, But also you point my really thought about it. Very appreciate!!