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i finally got around to playing it and it's great! The concept is fantastic and the rewind animation is super clean!

I could imagine an iteration of this with a heavier focus on boss battles with barely telegraphed attacks (not randomized), that way each time the player rewinds they learn what to expect, and after a bit of practice the player can get through incredibly complex and choreographed battles that seemed impossible at first. i think that would be insanely rewarding.

Like Minit, but bullet-hell. That sounds like an amazing elevator pitch for a game :)

Great idea, great execution. nice job!!


Thank you so much! I love the idea of focusing on boss battles - it would add a sense of progress (like Mr. Hippo was talking about on the store page) and even more epic scale. Balancing the difficulty of attacks to hit that sweet spot could be difficult, but it would be soooo satisfying to pull off!