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I liked it, difficult is fine by me. But maybe build it up a little. Spawn meteors a little further away at the start at lower speed and gradually bring them closer and/or faster. And if you spawn them in the camera view, let the player now (with a flash or whatever) that he can expect an enemy spawning over there.

Earlier mentioned by others is that the spawning of a portal not always works. I thought maybe it is because you are clicking on a meteor, should check that.

Overall the game is fine, needs some tuning and graphics and a tutorial is always nice to have :)

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Yes, clicking on meteors doesnt spawn the portals. 

    Well, the speed is increased at 10 points, than at 30 , than at 60, than at 100 and so on. 

    Also, if you just want to play with it,  you can also bring up the secret dev console (press t a few times) and call "axios hp number", "axios score number" or even "axios set warp number" ( the min and starting speed are 0.1)

   Again, thanks for the feedback!!!