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This was cute! It was a little hard to anticipate which clothing items would and wouldn't fit the theme. I really liked the 'rumor' system where you can learn about what different companies like, that was a nice touch! And of course, I love the kitty and I love the kitty puns. =3

Hello Sven, thanks so much for playing! I'm still so amazed people are playing it and having fun with it! Yeah, my teammates are gold when it comes to puns xD

Do you remember why you found it hard to figure out themes?
We're actually planning to work on the game more so all this feedback is gold ^^

I also enjoyed the game! I think one time it was hard to figure out the themes for me, was when I thought the cowboy-ish hat and the plaid hankerchief would be for the Southern theme, but they didn't work and I couldn't figure out which items would. Other than that it was very cute (I especially liked the colors of the map, which is what drew me to playing it) and fun to try and figure out strategies. ^.^

hahah ooooh, that's a interesting one! We were trying to guess which items would be harder for people to figure out for difficulty tuning, so this is much appreciated! Though, I won't tell you what's Southern xD at least not in public comments! LOL
Yessss omg the watercolour effect is great!

Thanks so much for playing! We had a lot of fun putting it together for this game jam and plan to keep working on it in the future! So glad you enjoyed it :D