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yay! Fun concept!Cant wait for the full development version 😍

purr? Haha thank you for the compliment! Hope you had fun!

thanks for the encouraging words :’)

lmaoooooo love it! Also the art is adorable!

aww thank you! <3

wow, that rain. Amazing <3 love it! Great work, with even a tutorial!

thanks again Erizux 8)

ahaha points~ if only we had time to add the game over/win states haha

Thanks for the feedback <3

cute! Love the idea! Cats are always wonderful heehee

oooooooh wolves are a great ideaaaaa omg. Mayhem muahuahua

muahua, rule the world with bunnies. Thanks for playing :D

aw thank you! Yes, the UI is so smooth <3

don’t worry, I helped develop the game and I didn’t know how either xD lol! Thanks for playing <33

Awwww, thanks so much Mary ///^ ^/// best compliment for an artist hahaha

whooops forgot to update that! Haha, my copy-pasting xD thanks for letting me know!

lol interesting concept, was amused xD
Took a little long, might be better with lesser time

lol interesting concept, was amused xD
Took a little long, might be better with lesser time

nice and relaxing ^^ Easy to understand, well-placed dynamic tutorial texts & good feedback loop

Loving that there's no win/lose condition

thank you so much! Mary did a great job at writing and putting everything together <3

Oh no! I just enabled the iframe scroll bars for fullscreen, hopefully that helps! :,)

Haha adorable game, cute idea! Would have loved it if there were some physics involved!

no problem <3

awwww thanks 🥲🥲🥲🥲 really happy to hear that

loving their swag! Thanks for playing ^-^

hahaha omg cross games! Love it

love the art!

I will check on the Christmas elves xD

(The shoes are buried under a bunch of bugs 😅)

loving those abyss chill vibes!! Hope you had fun ^^

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Hi, I bought the game but couldn't figure out... How do you play with more players? What are the controls? Shared keyboard?
Connecting a PS4 controller didnt work either

No problem! :D have fun!

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great feedback! :D  making the king stand out more is a great idea

Yessss, omg, Culoextremo did such amazing work picking the sounds and designing the game <3

thank you for playing!

ikrrrrr I love the sounds Skinner chose ^^ thanks for playing :D

great idea! Thank you :D

and skinner brought it to life with awesome animations <3

thank you!!!

haha I took forever to reply this

Thank you skinner :D

thanks! :’D pixel art’s fun!

I uploaded my pixel art too ^^ feel free to use them

thank you for playing ^^

Gahahaha brilliant idea! Just doodled a couple more xD

Thanks! Bg sound loops now :D

Spot on. We wanted to add a timer, but ran out of time ourselves xD

<3 baah baah