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No problem! :D have fun!

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great feedback! :D  making the king stand out more is a great idea

Yessss, omg, Culoextremo did such amazing work picking the sounds and designing the game <3

thank you for playing!

ikrrrrr I love the sounds Skinner chose ^^ thanks for playing :D

great idea! Thank you :D

and skinner brought it to life with awesome animations <3

thank you!!!

haha I took forever to reply this

Thank you skinner :D

thanks! :’D pixel art’s fun!

I uploaded my pixel art too ^^ feel free to use them

thank you :D

thank you for playing ^^

Gahahaha brilliant idea! Just doodled a couple more xD

Thanks! Bg sound loops now :D

Spot on. We wanted to add a timer, but ran out of time ourselves xD

<3 baah baah 

Very satisfying death and shooting! Love the screenshakes and the sound and all :D

Ahhhh thanks for the explanation! I’ve got a strong background in finance so I guess it’s hard to break my heuristic bias where red & green signal price increased and decreases xD

Good luck! Scoping is so hard xD

ohhh gotcha! Thanks! ^^

wtf amazing

i made these too!!!

gahhhh so cute

also omg. The progression design is beautiful, together with the music.
I reached the end! :')

Wow, really love the art! How did you animate the sprites?  It looks like 3D, and warping? Is t simply rotating the tail sprite towards z-depth + perspective camera?


ahhh cute! The art is wonderful
Some comments

- Moving via clicking would be nice
- White text is a little hard to read, maybe darken the outline color?
- It's not immediately intuitive what red/green prices mean, i assumed it was high (red)/low, but the color on my inventory items is different from the shop's - so i guess not?

Love it, pretty hard

Love it, a little difficult to figure some out

lmaooooo, loved it. The voice acting was funny. Harder than I thought it would be, I kept forgetting what I needed to look for

They’re the first thing that came to mind 😂

hee hee thanks! :D

aww thanks! Glad you enjoyed it ☺️

ohhhh! Thank you! That fixed it :D

Hahah this is cute! I'm actually in the middle of making a cafe version!

OK I GOT IT! Omg I wish this were an app!

I am having fun, but I'm not sure what im doing HAHAHA

hello, it doesn’t seem to work with Unity version 2020. I get a black screen when I try to build with it :’)

omg really loving thihs lol

haha nice spotting! ^^ i'm from singapore :D

lol i got stuck here too

woah. I don’t normally read VNs, but woah. Great writing

glad you had fun!

thank you for playing <3 credits to @Steebs for the story, I melted too :’)

thank you! Did you manage to see the ending?