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awww thank you! :)))))

thanks! I loaf you :)

ooooh that’s interesting!

thanks! :D

thank you! Was inspired when I made breakfast 🤣

bread puns for the win! Haha

love it <3

Super cool! Thanks! :D

thanks Anon! :DD

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Lord Walter is on a quest to find the fabled Book of Sunshine to lift the Curse-of-Forever-Rain from the City of Cornea.

xD I love making up stories for randomizer
Thanks for playing <3

He is so cuteee! Thanks for sharing!!!

Haha yes! I'm doing daily sprints and daily builds <3

As of v1.6, you can play it phones now!!! :D

I love you. My chibi maker can be played on the phone now

Yessssssssssss! That's a super cool idea. Adding it to the Trello list! :D

hahah that was cute! Love it, i was so ready to play the game forever LOL

thanks! :DDD I can't believe there are still new plays xD How did you find this game

awww, glad to hear that! thanks for playing it!!

Loved it! So beauiful!!!

thanks :D

thanks for playing!

thank you!!! :D

That’s true xD

Ahh got it, thank you!

Thanks!!!! :)))) Gona show off your comment to Trixii too haha, she'll be so happy too

Thanks for reading! xD I didn't really expect anyone to read through everything haha ^^

glad you had a good laugh :D

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Lol! This was cute!! I've seen a bunch of games using this mechanic and cone-of-vision feedback, but never so creatively! Great job! Really well done! :D

I'm still missing socks too xDDD

HAHAHAA, that's a genius way to deal with the bombsss ahahahah. You might make him angry thhough xDDDD

I take no credit for the music xD you can check the link, this dude offers a load of free music!

Thank you! :D
Oooh~ What do you mean by first music comands moment? The first time arrows appear?

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oh god xD thanks for letting me know!

oh nice! You found fire! I was worried I made it too hard to find fire xD

I think having it not reappear on restarting was a good call :)

Glad I could help ^^

gahahah shoot okay thank you xD

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Loved the voice acting. Looked fun, loved how you can always access the keys

But like the rest i couldnt start the game because I couldn't figure out how to craft. I think i threw away my materials xD I did "feed to pompom"

I wanted to try again, but I had to sit through the whole cinematic. Would have loved a "skip" button xD

Love it and the attention to detail. Great progression design. Love how it looks to where it's moving. Great choices in focusing on gameplay, level and on-boarding design and keeping visuals simple but aesthetically pleasing.

I sometimes accidentally skipped the explanation, it'll have been nice to be able to re-access the explanations if i missed it. (for example Baby Yogi)

Thank you! Just curious, did you make fire? :)

Good point! I've pushed a fix! Thanks for playing and the feedback :D

Thanks for letting me know! :DDD Just pushed a fix for the farts xD