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Good luck!  loved this

Again, a crazy novel idea. A little twist that adds so much new flavor and experience an existing thing. You even had sound, FX, feedback and an extremely clear tutorial.

I loved that i had a safe space to read an digest the tutorial and that the death screen shows me information still (as opposed to a total blackout screen with only "Game Over"), so I can understand what happened and learn from it.

I couldn't devise any in genius ways to use the heal and shoot mechanic much, maybe because the enemy bullet was hailing at me so quickly I entered a reflex panic action instead with no time for thinking or experimentation.

Beautiful. Amazing work for a game jam

So cute

thank you so much!!!

I am in total love with the game sound, art and design <3

Hello, I was wondering how you removed the "Unity" border when you upload webGL

Beautiful graphics and sound design!

yeah it's hard with the scrolling :')

thanks so much for playing Valya :')
The whole team is interested in working on it more, so look forward to that!

hahah ooooh, that's a interesting one! We were trying to guess which items would be harder for people to figure out for difficulty tuning, so this is much appreciated! Though, I won't tell you what's Southern xD at least not in public comments! LOL
Yessss omg the watercolour effect is great!

Hello Sven, thanks so much for playing! I'm still so amazed people are playing it and having fun with it! Yeah, my teammates are gold when it comes to puns xD

Do you remember why you found it hard to figure out themes?
We're actually planning to work on the game more so all this feedback is gold ^^

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Hello Smoke! Thanks so much for the valuable feedback! We were curious, do you remember which items you caught onto and which you didnt? :D (it helps us identify difficulty of each fashion style for future tuning ^-^)

yup, sorry I should've added a credits section. Thanks for the comment!

lol funny voice acting, reminds me of getting over it - but this is the good angel talking in my ear and very encouraging, not a patronizing sarcastic one xD

Haha neither did I before this Jam! Dangit I haven't passed level 3 yet


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I agreeeee, buying in bulk would be greaaaaat

Loving the game play though!

Interesting! Liked how random things would emerge from stuff i did. I see the island a little away so my goal became figuring out how to get there

I kept mixing up the controls though @_@ I always want to click an area with the mouse to place things down because the item is on my mouse

Really enjoyed reading this :) I loved the driver mechanic!