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thank you! <3

thank you so much <3

i very much crab

Thank you Toucan! We may polish up Slug's branches at some point.

Thank you so much, appreciate your feedback! :) We're looking into the spacebar option.

Thanks :D

Lovely to hear! We enjoyed making funky little guys. 

We're also looking into the spacebar option right now. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you!! We are looking to the spacebar option right now.

thank you, froggy loves u too <3


<3 <3 <3

this is such a lovely comment, thank you so much!! glad you enjoyed it 🥺💕

oh i love this

<3 <3 <3

yes!! let's! 🌷🌷 🌷 🌷 thank you <3 


very cute! understanding how the movement worked took a bit, but once i got it, it was easy and felt like an accomplishment haha

i learned something today, thank you

So cute! Love the penguins and animations a lot.

nice score!! the fishes carrying over are a result of a stretch goal, which sadly didn't make it in: a hat economy purchasable with fish, haha

thanks for playing!

thanks for playing! :D

thank u! a helpful trick is you can move left and right while jumping

This is awesome

yo this is super cool, nice play on the theme of deja vu!

Very fun and easy to pick up! I love the tongue-in-cheek platforms. All in all very cute.

thank you for playing! <3

i’m glad!!! :u; thank you for playing

Thank you so much for the thoughtful review, Max!! *clutches the kind words to my chest* I'm really glad you appreciated the themes and I hope you enjoy playing it! <3

thank you for playing!! <3

thank you!! i’m glad you enjoyed it :D

gay hi five

thank u for playing :D

i love this, it’s very soothing and sweet and cute!! the lack of pressure and just vibing. the cowboy energy i needed

this is indeed very liminal and i appreciated your approaches to it and the pockets of warmth (at least in the routes i took) in contrast

I finally played it!! And it was awesome. Very wholesome, even when using my bite powers as a tiny fish. I purposely chose it as the 2nd TTRPG I've ever played haha.

This is great

This sounds so awesome and cute! Can't wait :D

happy you enjoyed it! <3 and same... don't let your dreams be dreams!

haha love to hear that!! <3

yay im glad!! thank u for froggin' 🐸