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Oh my goodness I'm not even finished reading the pdf and I already love it so much and am rating it five stars.

Very good. Touching.

Very sweet narrative and cute style!

Very cute! Wholesome

Thank you!! :) <3

very good food for thought. and not just from someone who is bad at video games haha


Thank you! c:

I love this! The first game in a while that I was excited to play since hearing about it the day before. It's nostalgic + wish fulfillment. Super cute, happy soundtrack, and the collage aesthetic, with intellectual/childlike juxaposition is awesome. Also cool that kirby is an option. I think the horse is hard mode lol, I kept bumping into things. But anyway, a great little game. :D

fun concept, reminds me of unfortunate office dude

Very cute! The message of the cycle of debt was apparent

I also enjoyed the game! I think one time it was hard to figure out the themes for me, was when I thought the cowboy-ish hat and the plaid hankerchief would be for the Southern theme, but they didn't work and I couldn't figure out which items would. Other than that it was very cute (I especially liked the colors of the map, which is what drew me to playing it) and fun to try and figure out strategies. ^.^

Ah nice statement/procedural rhetoric. :)

wow these character designs are so good n cute!

Fun! Especially enjoyed the sounds and music, as well as it slowing down near the end.

Is the sitting with tea/without the tea the whole game? If so, awesome. If not, oops hehe I didn't wait long enough?

thanks! :D