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That's a really good game ! The concept is cool, and it's satisfying to make routes and to see the money being made. The graphics are really nice and clean as well ! It only lacks some sort of music to be perfect. Also, from what I've seen, building a ton of routes between the two first planets is just as effective as buying new planets. To prevent that, maybe you should add a cap to the number of routes you can build between two planets, or maybe make each planet unlock some sort of skills when you buy them, like improved speed for the spaceships or cheaper routes. That would make buying the planets more stategic as it forces you to consider which one to buy aside from the price. Overall it was a really great game that I enjoyed a lot ! Congrats !

Thanks a lot for very constructive feedback! I wanted to add something in the game to prevent buying a ton of routes between just the two planets but sadly, I ran out of time. I really like your idea of each planet having different unlockable skills! Regarding the music,  there is music in the game, maybe I have made it too quiet,  I haven't really tested it since it was a last minute addition. Again,  thanks for the comment,  it is really appreciated!


Whoops, my bad for the music ! My volume was too low so I only heard the sound effects !