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Even though I'm crap at turn-based games, I liked yours. Also the art is really polished. Liked it!

Also Fell free to check my game at:

As one person said, the art is not the best, however, I love the three planets' art! For a game jam, you did pretty good, I like it!

Also Fell free to rate my game at:

I really like the idea that you actually need to pick up the individual ammo before you can shoot it. Controls are very satisfying! Nice game!

Fell free to rate my game at:

I enjoyed playing your game! Sounds are cool and collisions are satisfying. Cool game!

Fell free to rate my game at:

I really enjoyed your game! I came to level 10. I love how diverse your levels are. The only complain I have is that the rocket engine sound is always played in my left headset so my left ear kinda hurt after a while. But still, very well made game!

Thanks a lot for very constructive feedback! I wanted to add something in the game to prevent buying a ton of routes between just the two planets but sadly, I ran out of time. I really like your idea of each planet having different unlockable skills! Regarding the music,  there is music in the game, maybe I have made it too quiet,  I haven't really tested it since it was a last minute addition. Again,  thanks for the comment,  it is really appreciated!

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I wanted to implement a limit on how much paths has one planet,  but sadly I ran out of time.

Nice game! I have rated it.

I really like the grav boots mechanic, it adds a lot of depth to the game, which is well made!

I love the camera shake effect! At 5th wave there was so many meteorites that my PC started lagging even though I have a pretty good one. xD

Nice planet creator but it would be cool if I could actually do something with the planets I created. Still, cool game!

The only two things that kinda bothered me while playing were:

1. Some sounds were a bit too loud esspecially when using headphones.

2. There was no main menu or quit button.

But otherwise this is a very well made game, congratz!

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I liked the game. Art is good,  sounds are cool,  the only complain that I have is that it's very hard to control the character. Overall it's a pretty good game for the first one!

I don't know how to play the game, but hey, graphics are nice and sounds are cool! Congrats on making your first game!

I really enjoyed playing your game! The UI is great, sounds and music are just right! You did a great job at making this game. 

The game is pretty good! I had some fun times when playing it. The one thing that bothered me a little bit were the visuals, like, sometimes trees are halfway into the planet and sometimes they are floating. But that's just me being picky. Good game!

Thanks! all the feedback is really appreciated, I checked the video and I liked it! I love your work, keep it up!

Thank you! Of course,  how do I join?

Thank you a lot! I try to do my best but I still have a lot to learn!

Thank you very much! Your comment gave me tons of inspiration!

Thanks! That is a pretty good score! I am already adding more levels and I am even planning  on doing an online high score,  but my skills are not good enough, yet.

Thank you! That is a very good idea,  I am definitely going to implement it,  but because of exams,  I don't have any time ths week,  well maybe I will find some time tommorow,  thank you again!