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My feedback after I played the game:

  • It's nice to see an isometric game. Overall the concept is kinda cool.
  • Why does the character move in such a weird way? What were the design processes behind choosing to move in a random, infrequent way instead of just moving linearly and smoothly?
  • The planets on the level selection menu look all the same, and they look dangerously similar to the moon in majora's mask. We all know how nintendo is trigger happy when it comes to lawsuits :p
  • The art for the character is needlessly degrading/sexual, that might cause problems if the game gets more attention. Disregarding that, the artstyle is pretty interesting.
  • The sound effect for the attack is extremely loud and the last bit almost pierces my eardrums, especially considering the frequency and how loud it is compared to the background music.
  • Not only the font in the game's title on this page is jokerman, but it doesn't match the font for the game's title ingame.
  • Having to click an option and wait for it to fill up to select it is extremely frustrating when you're on PC. This is somewhat acceptable in consoles but there is 0 reason to have this in a PC game.

With all that said, it seems like lots of effort was put into the game. The game should be a bit more intuitive though, no one wants to read instructions to know what to do.

Thanks for your playing and comments

  • isometic game is also one of my best favorite game style.  When I draw some maptile, I check the Don't Starve for art reference.
  • Random Movement is our design to simulate the unstable gravity in this strange planet. But all comments said this design makes terrible experience when playing. I also have the same feeling when i play. But our teammates persisted this design and I respected her. But I will try to decrease the value of the distance or delete it. It's true that it influence player experience.
  • HAHA. Yeah this moon is comes from my Nintendo art sketchbook. We try to use PS to draw again as reference. Thanks for your advice and We will improve our art creativity.
  • For sexual images I feels next time we will focus on this part and try to avoid this. All arts we used Photoshop to make. We will try to makes better next time.
  • Sorry for the loud SFX we try decrease later to make the game feel better.
  • And My habits are using different fonts in one game. But I am aware of this part and try to unite them.
  • Also We will try to make UI Menu and selection part faster and cleaner.

Thanks for your comments and we are considered as Treasure. I will update in this part first after this jam and Sorry for some uncomfortable parts when you played my game.