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This game was created for BTP Game Jam #2


  • Move: ASDW
  • Fire: Left Button
  • Collect: E
  • Press ESC to call Menu System
  • Hold Back Button image between each System scenes
  • Other detail buttons will hinted during game 

StoryTelling(Game Plot)

Almost 200 years later, earth is out of resources. NASA frequently commands spacemen explore to unknown planets. You are one of them. During the process, you would face many missions such as collecting rare resources, finding previous missing teammates or fighting with aliens. After all missions completed(our game stop on that, but we will update later after this game jam), you would bring hopes back to the earth and rebuild the uncompleted homeland. Then you have to explore again and again for human. Earth would possible get revenges from other explored planets randomly. How to balance and maintain earth with other planets is one deep question in the future.

 Tool used

  • Unity 2018.3
  • Visual Studio
  • Photoshop CC
  • Adobe illustrator CC
  • Garaeband
  • Audacity
  • Flstudio


All the images are created by our teammate Zheyuan Zhou which used Photoshop CC and Adobe illustrator CC 2019 to draw it. Some images have been referenced by other images. But we can promise that all images in this game are created by ourselves and we keep the original files.


All the BGM and sounds effects are created by teammate Dan Zhu which used Garaeband Software created.

Game design

  • Level 1, Your mission is to COLLECTsome resources for research.
  • Level 2, You have to FIND one of your missed teammate for security.
  • Level 3, DEFEAT creatures are your final mission.

Because This is one demo, We have unlocked all images in Gallery. Also We add the guild icon during the game. You can follow the UI around the canvas to find the resources in the game. 

Next, our team decided to continue updating and improving to make our game more organized and perfect after the jam.


We have attached the screenshots for player who may be lost  in the strange planet.

Team member

  • Zheyuan Zhou(Game Design and Art Graphics)
  • Yulei Sun(Coding and Animations)
  • Dan Zhu(Audio and SFX)


First, respect BTP to offer much tutorials on his channel.  Then appreciate all players which spend time playing and rating our games. Yes, I said YOUYOU ARE AMAZING. Both of you improve & inspire us and update the game world.