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first, after seeing the shopkeeper condition, go home, study the shopkeeper disease, you should talk with lizardmen priesstes, ask her how to make heat occisia. then you can check the ingredients in the "cauldron" menu (i don't know what is called) and you can make the heat occisia right away

Thanks for the help ;)

Thanks a lot!

how many do you need to give to him or how do you give him the cure?

just 1 potion is enough for him to be cured. To make Bernard drink the potion, you can approach him in his place in daylight like usual. The dialog box will explain the condition of Bernard. Etc

every time I go to his place it says that he might be sleeping

normally, the next day after you give medicine to him, he will be healthy again. maybe there's some bugs or anything else that make this happens. i suggest you to DM the creator to seek for solution.