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A literal amazing demo.

I love the whole aspect of the demo's quest, figuring out what to get from who and such. Figuring out what does what. And please, bless otter's poor soul.

My highscore is 10 pups uwu

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Really fun and short game, would advise playing it. It spooks you a bit and may send chills down your spine here and there but its not too intense. 

Will there every be cheats or some sort of thing programmed into the game such as Fenoxos TiTs in which you can type something in while anywhere in the game and it says cheat activated?

Its an update for the game period

I love it a lot, and as much as i'd love to donate, I can't. Maybe some other day though.


Thanks a lot!

I am slightly confused, I can't seem to help the shopkeeper with his whole quest. I'm not real good at riddles, and I tend to be repetitive. Can you give me hints on this whole "Heat Occisia"?