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and P.uniT.y was a full recreation of PT, that's exactly why it got shut down.


stop replying.

Exactly my point, exaggerating does not backup anything you are saying as truth.  I've played both and Puntiy is not a complete version of PT, nor is it as complete as this game made by arturlaczkowski.  Just because you think PT is "crappy" doesn't mean it is.  The majority of us would like to play a complete version.

P.uniT.y was DMCA'd by Konami

Sounds like you never knew it existed till I said something.

And it was complete, right up to the ending cutscene.


Enjoy the demo of a game that will never exist.

Punity is literally not a full game Its 1 hallway it doesnt even loop in punity. Punity all together is probably like 5 minutes