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Good job guys.  Nice atmosphere and sound design.

Great job with this one.  Atmosphere goes a long way and you got it with this one.  The game ran awesome and looked awesome.

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After having played this version as well as the previous version before Artur removed it.  I gotta say that the previous version was better.  I am not really sure why that is.  I noticed missing animations and content that was previously there.  I also got stuck in some segments because event triggers would not happen to let me progress.  My only guess is that this was built from scratch or something.  Glad he is working on it again but this version needs more work.  Thanks.

Also for anyone wondering Keyboard and Mouse do work.  WASD or Arrow Keys and right mouse for Zoom.  The Zoom function didn't work great sometimes.

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Thanks Artur for coming back to this.  It was a shame to see this not get completed when you were so close.  I will play through tonight and let you know how it goes.

Exactly my point, exaggerating does not backup anything you are saying as truth.  I've played both and Puntiy is not a complete version of PT, nor is it as complete as this game made by arturlaczkowski.  Just because you think PT is "crappy" doesn't mean it is.  The majority of us would like to play a complete version.

That is far fewer than 40.  Some of those links reference the same releases or aren't even downloadable.  There is more likely a few available to download including the one here.  Punity is still available but it isn't nearly as complete as this one.   The problem is nobody has completely remade it yet.  Some get close like this one and then abandon it or get it forcibly shutdown.  In the end it's Konami's fault.

Yes I understand what Remake means.  So you know of 40 remakes that are like PT and available to download?  I am sure that is news to a lot of us.

I am saying this is the best version that is closest to the original, it just isn't complete.   By "remake" you could have been including all of those games that are trying to be PT.  If you know of a version better than this one I'd like to know about it. 

This is the best version of PT for PC.  Also, not all of us got to play the original on PS4.  This is not like the 40 other remakes you are talking about by a long shot.

This version of P.T. is not complete.  At this point the developer said he isn't going to finish it either.

I agree, I don't understand why even go to the effort to not complete it.  This is an on-going thing with PT for PC.  They get uploaded in an unfinished state and/or Konami makes the person take it down before it gets completed.  I wish someone would just make the complete PT experience and then upload it.  At any rate, this is the best PT version for PC I think that is out right now.  Punity and Corridors are the other 2 I have played.  They don't have near as much content as this Playable Teaser version has though.

Finally we have a worthy version of PT for PC to play.  I am curious to know from the author of this if it is considered complete by him.  Do you plan on adding more content or just fine tuning performance/bugs in what you have released?  I hope you do both because this is really good.  I'd really like to see some resolution and graphical settings if they could be added in.

I tried it with mine the other day and it worked fine.  Left Trigger is Run and Right Trigger is Zoom/Interact.