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Thanks for the review! For now, it won't work for GG games, but it should be possible to adapt it, since it is mostly generating C code. Maybe in the future..

Until then, one possible alternative would be to use twee2sam, since the Game Gear can run Master System games.


Thanks for the response!

Yeah, I haven't actually worked out how to use twee2sam. Then again, a lot of basic coding eludes me since I overthink a lot of simple stuff. My biggest hurdle is trying to figure out where to put certain coding lines.

For example: where do I put the code for making a character move and where do I out the coding for how to interact? Does it matter? If so, how much?

Stuff like that. 


Speaking of twee2sam, I hope you'll revive that project in the near future. The latest Twine update allows for exporting to Twee code now with one click apparently. Yay.


Cool! I'll keep that in mind.