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Thanks for the response!

Yeah, I haven't actually worked out how to use twee2sam. Then again, a lot of basic coding eludes me since I overthink a lot of simple stuff. My biggest hurdle is trying to figure out where to put certain coding lines.

For example: where do I put the code for making a character move and where do I out the coding for how to interact? Does it matter? If so, how much?

Stuff like that. 

Will this work or is it possible to make this work for Game Gear games?

Regardless of the answer, it's nice to see a VM creation tool for the Genesis. Will try this soon. :)

Yes! I love this game! And thank you! <3

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I made a fanzine thanks to this wonderful program! Thank you so much!

My Sonic Adventure (A Fanzine) by PixelsBykris (

I'll see what the problem may be. Try asking Audiomancy on the server since I know he has a working copy. :)

After listening to your whole playthrough, I genuinely believe that you would be Fantastic at it. Especially the last one? Chills.

Only one call in and your playthrough is AMAZING. I'm in awe of how good your voice is. Do you do Voice Over work? Because your voice was MADE for it.

I JUST found out that I got this game through a bundle- although I couldn't help but buy a physical copy -and played through it in one sitting of about 3 hours. I was genuinely surprised by the outcome I got, so that was cool to experience. and I hope you enjoy listening to the recordings as well.

FYI, the recordings are meant to be a bit off-sounding, but I hope that that amplifies the experience, though:

Happy to see that you've made at least one more game in the time since the Racial Equality bundle. :)

I really loved Eizoku- even though it's unfinished and will probably remain that way -which is why I wanted to let you know that it actually inspired me to create a game heavily influenced by it. It's still in VERY early development and I haven't- and won't -be doing anything with it in terms of monitization or anything like that, but I wanted to let you know in case you wanted to ask any questions about the project. Or had any specific demands of things you want me to do, like stopping the project entirely, or just giving you frequent updates on the project status.

Again, love your work, and hope to see more of it in the future.

that might actually be a good idea. :)

It's the things that are coming up from those squares in the ground. You have to act fast, even in the beginning, in order to stay in the game.

I know it's a bit tough, but I didn't figure out how to make the timer go faster or slower depending on anything, so it's 2 seconds before game over at the beginning.

You have to water the "plants" until they grow and thank you. After they disappear, more will come up but you need to make sure you don't let them sit for too long or they'll regress. If that happens and you let either one regress too much/too long, you lose.

As for controls, directional buttons need to be pressed each time you move and the a button is for watering. You go up to the water to refill your watering can, which will have the number of times left before you need to refill up on the screen as a counter.

If you need anymore help just let me know. :)

I discovered this thanks to the BLM bundle a while back and have just gotten around to checking out the tileset.  I immediately fell in love with it and have actually edited most of the set to work with GB Studio. As of right now, I only have a map you can walk around in, but I'm still trying to figure out what kind of game I should make with it, to be perfectly honest.

If you have any questions or concerns or just want to see what I have, I can send you a screenshot or short proof of concept video, if you'd like.

Thanks for these beautiful assets!