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I couldn't do anything in the second level. I literally clicked on everything and couldn't stop the guy from dying. Interesting concept though and nice graphics. Awesome work for your first jam.

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Thx. we will update later and try to fix all bugs and environments trigger system. Hopefully you can play again at that time. Have a great weekend~

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I completed the second level (both screens), but I agree that the game is hard and unintuitive at what does what (why does clicking on a man closes the first "trap", why do we even need to open an umbrella, how is the umbrella a danger?)

Yeah I agree with you. Although some one can pass the level two but we lack of some space and UI to make the game looks clear and very logic. We will try to update later!!

Thanks stumpybean. The second level truly lack of enough space and UI to make the user confortable play this game. We will try to fix fater this game jam and udpate later. Sorry for some bugs and uncomfortable when you are playing. We will improve later~ Have a great day!