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Damn, that was amazing. How come this game doesn't get as much attention as it should get? 


And I suck at advertising. (:


Are your restrained by your job at Riot when it comes to advertising your own projects ? I'm curious.

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Not really, no. As long as it's made clear this has nothing to do with my job, and that it's just a personal project, it's okay. :)

LOL if you work at Riot just.... riot (pun intended) and get a proper job where you can make games like this!

I wouldn't leave my current job for anything in the world. :)

But super happy you enjoyed this experience! ^_^

green pewdiepie (jacksepticeye) played your game

just know that this comment was made before that if any 12 year olds get on me

you need to somehow get etika to play this.