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Please give us v-sync :)

I got stuck too, I used my flashlight literally everywhere, turned on and off the lights together and separately yet I couldn't figure it out.

LOL if you work at Riot just.... riot (pun intended) and get a proper job where you can make games like this!

Five starts.

My review: 

Thank you!

(says it all I wanted to tell)

Okay, 7 minutes to wander around pointlessly to find the first fuse (done) and to not be able to find any more keys or fuses. That's that for me.

I know it's a 48h contest thing, but in this state, it's 2 stars at max. Sorry!

Yeah, would be interested in checking out where could this go ;)

Not really, overall it is not bad, but just really not my game. I mean the usual "something comes that wants to get you and you cannot do anything just run around and collect stuff" is just not for everyone. I studied programming so I know this was a HUGE amount of work, and I am not here to degrade that. My suggestion would be to try and come up with something new, maybe something unique gameplay-wise :)

Very, very weird, just like that movie. Good job!

Not bad, not bad! Thanks!

Very short but really interesting and a bit creepy game :)

Nice job, when can we expect the real deal? I would be really interested in it!

It was really good, however there are some quite amateur issues/missed things - for example, there are no footsteps of the player whatsoever, which is very unusal and it makes it like we are just a ghost or something.

LOL you need to gather 3 more goblets and put them in the hands of the statues to get the key for the locked door on the end of the way.

Hi, I launch the game and then comes an error by that says the game ran into issues. I can select Continue and it works, however I have terrible tearing and the resolution is probably lower than my native (1080p). Do you guys need me to send an email with the whole log? 

PS: all other UE games ran perfectly without any issues so far from

It was... interesting?

I have no idea what I played but... I quit at the platforming and watched a YT vid on this instead.

Definitely not my cake, also these kind of games were popular and interesting about 10 or more years ago, when Slenderman games started the craze. Expected more from 2018 :/

Right, understandable. I suggest editing the info then! Just to clarify: I didn't comment to say something negative, just let you guys know that (as I am sure you already know) any kind of statements made by devs/publishers are really, really must be made carefully - we see in the gaming industry continuously what happens when they say things that aren't true to the final product. Keep up the good work! :)

Yes, I figured, that is my problem :(

Not bad! However I am (and many people I know are) not into this hidey-thing like the spider part. Other than that it was cool, but I didn't continue there. 

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Finally a game on itch that wasn't 5 minute torture of emptiness! It was great! Thank you!

Interesting, great atmosphere! It would deserve to be made into some really cool, 10x longer game in my opinion! :)

Oh man, this is heavy... Nice work.



Nice one! Let us know when the full version is available please!

Well, it is quite a boast to call this game interactive as you literally can't do anything other than "look around" with the mouse. It is not even really a game. I'm sorry but this was just a (luckily) short animation render with movable camera, without any monsters or characters at all. I have no idea why people say this is great gameplay-wise when there was no gameplay whatsoever.

Oooookay, so 3 minutes / 2 "playthroughs". The white was mommy, the red was... who knows? Anyway, the game gets stuck in the ending's still image without any way to exit other than Alt-F4

Pretty good!

There was no real point or goal, at least I couldn't find it. I did it over and over again but nothing so I had to do the suicide thing to stop it. There is no sign of anything new will happen in the next whatever playthroughs.

Erm... no. Nope, nope. This is not a good game, I'm so sorry, but the "thing in the bath" was bad and not scary whatsoever, and the fact that you have used text to speech for the character's voice... I mean COME ON! Meh... hard to find good free indies nowadays..

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If you create a PC version why are you giving controller-only instructions in the game?

Okay this game is a cheater, I've tried MANY times and it keeps making up clues to remove which weren't there or I wasn't able to open/move item to actually take it. This ruins the experience for me.

Interesting. Somewhere around 'This is not a game"

Crashes on startup. W10 64bit

Looking forward to see something come out of this! Looks great so far! But contradicting the dev's statement that the demo covers about the first hour of the game, it took me 14 minutes to play through. Careful with these statements guys, they can go very wrong very easily!

Ok, this was very bad, I'm sorry...

There was terrible screen tearing, and there are no options - Esc quits instantly

Furniture is out of place completely (TV in bathroom for example)

The game is full of German text mixed in with English - if you make a game for an international platform to share, use English only

very bad sounds chosen: bad step sounds (that doesn't change on surface), keyboard typing sound on mobile typing, booming sound for sending/receiving message etc

Huge blur after about 10m of eyesight - this guy certainly is missing his glasses!

Amateur glithces like books falling through the glass of the bookshelf while staying in there too (not removed from the shelf, etc

cheap jumpscares used

Misses all point or logic whatsoever: your friend turns out to be a pulp in your room already, the whole game is missing a proper point or any real line of "what to do and why". You keep looking for your house key but you never find it, only keys for other rooms (why are they locked??)

I'm sorry but this is a disaster.