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Then you never played any of the hundreds of games way better than this.

You gonna need to give more info on what is your issue.

Could have been great with a bit more actual content and not just the exact same few "games" repeated over and over. Also an easier beginning/mid game would've been better too.

Well... 8 minutes of gameplay, 4 jumpscares. Pretty lame ones. And I didn't know how to get to the master bathroom (last room) so I just left and got the same "nope" ending as if I was just not doing anything. A bit disappointed.

Not really that important, just some minor thing (maybe just add pause?)

I missed that lever at the anesthesia machine at first too!

Ohohohoo!!! Nice one! I liked it a lot! Thank you! Multiple endings and very nice convenience feature when you've played one out! 

Minor feedback: the Esc key doesn't do anything and so there's no way to quit if you have to (for whatever reason).

Game have serious issues with FPS dropping whenever looking towards the rooms/front of the house. Also... it made literally no sense whatsoever. While there is a thin line between mysterious and annoyingly empty, this one is on the latter's side. No items, nothing really happens. Okay.....

Nah, this one's not my bread and butter. But nicely done anyway.

Yes, I tried in browser and no issues.

Haha cool, I didn't know the concept and I have a disgustingly good photomemory so again, first try win :D Cool minutes, thanks :D

Yup, itch app on Windows 11, all other games worked normally.

Ok wow, this was very interesting!

Same here. I figured that there's logic in the amount of symbols and it was the least amount I think. I checked the phone too because I didn't know it's the hint system and not a puzzle actually :D

Awesome! Even have hints lol, I thought it's part of the game :D

It was fun!

"cannot read "build" of undefined.

Come ooooooon :D

Can't download this one.

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I mean it! It's like how games should be made. It literally is 160MB or something? Had atmosphere, had action, had tension and good music. No bugs. What else you need?!

Thank you again.

PS: Do you have anything else? I was lazy to look around for now :D

PS2: nevermind, I forgot how to use itch. I found your others :)

Nah, this is pretty bad and unfinished. Sorry. Sounds are half missing, the rest are left as default UE. Text says "hide in houses" well most houses have non-openable doors, non-closeable ones or they have enemies inside (or locked for later when you actually have the key). Also bugs, bugs, bugs. No thanks.

PS: I've downloaded the game via the itch PC app and after launch it actually just wanted to get installed again, meaning that the app doesn't DL the game but the installer only.

Made it in the first try. Great 10-ish minutes of my time. Thank you!

Basically everyone is right in a way. I was expecting this to be more... Contenty? Still, it started as a game and played out as a game but then it didn't go nowhere. Probably this is the main reason I had that opinion. As the Oracle said: Everything that has a beginning, has an end. Now this game didn't have the literal end one would expect. If I sounded "salty" it's because it was so great until I met the non-existent "end". 

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Sorry, reading it back again I might have been a bit too harsh - apologies! Probably because I was on the lookout for a good game as I was looking for an indie dev to involve on a project (it is not available anymore) and I was literally tired of seeing... The less quality ones. Still, the phrasing could've been nicer, I admit. Still a nice try though! Peace out.

Hi, I would LOVE to know what was amazing please (I am not trolling, I sincerely beg to know what is amazing on this)?

I don't want to be an asshole or anything but this is less than a game. It has no point, it has no story, the controls are MEH so.. overall I wouldn't really pay a single cent for this. If I want to speak to people I go chat online. There is no point in all of it. I went through multiple times, there is nothing. Some of those "drones" come, the radio is pointless, the stupid fake ending is pointless (you walk off the screen and fall into water and drown), there is no point for the grave, the big towering building (?), nothing. Also I was wondering if I would have just kept myself in place for an enternity by paddling backwards (which is a PAIN) until I get like 20-ish boxes (floppies?) if that changes anything, but I just didn't have the motivation whatsoever. That is the most dangerous thing in a game - when you have no motivation to even try something in it. I was interested in this but it was so much of a disappointment that I hardly find the words to describe it. And then others just sing odes of it like it's the next greatest thing. Yes, atmosphere is there but that is it! There is no graphics, no story, no actual gameplay elements, nothing! Seriously?!

Please give us v-sync :)

I got stuck too, I used my flashlight literally everywhere, turned on and off the lights together and separately yet I couldn't figure it out.

LOL if you work at Riot just.... riot (pun intended) and get a proper job where you can make games like this!

Five starts.

My review: 

Thank you!

(says it all I wanted to tell)

Okay, 7 minutes to wander around pointlessly to find the first fuse (done) and to not be able to find any more keys or fuses. That's that for me.

I know it's a 48h contest thing, but in this state, it's 2 stars at max. Sorry!

Yeah, would be interested in checking out where could this go ;)

Not really, overall it is not bad, but just really not my game. I mean the usual "something comes that wants to get you and you cannot do anything just run around and collect stuff" is just not for everyone. I studied programming so I know this was a HUGE amount of work, and I am not here to degrade that. My suggestion would be to try and come up with something new, maybe something unique gameplay-wise :)

Very, very weird, just like that movie. Good job!

Not bad, not bad! Thanks!

Very short but really interesting and a bit creepy game :)

Nice job, when can we expect the real deal? I would be really interested in it!

It was really good, however there are some quite amateur issues/missed things - for example, there are no footsteps of the player whatsoever, which is very unusal and it makes it like we are just a ghost or something.